The 5 best MCU characters that Ryan Gosling would be perfect for

As Phase 5 of the MCU gets underway, fans are excited to see what new heroes and villains might emerge, and with that comes the inevitability of new actors. The majority of Hollywood’s most successful actors of the last two decades have been cast in some way in the MCU or in a superhero film, but Ryan Gosling has stayed on the sidelines. While it’s not official as of this writing, rumors have been circulating since 2022 about how he might be ready to be brought into the MCU. With this opportunity, let’s take a look at ours The top five characters Ryan Gosling would be perfect for.

Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)

miracle quasar
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Quasar may be Ryan’s true long shot on the big screen, but he’s one of Marvel Comics’ original cosmic heroes, coming a decade after Hyperion. But the reason Quasar is on this list instead of Hyperion is because Quasar was created as the original hero and made multiple appearances throughout the ’70s and ’80s, including in major events like the Infinity Gauntlet series.

Quasar’s powers come from the quantum bands created over billions of years by the cosmic being known as Eon to be carried by whoever he deemed worthy to be the protector of the universe. The tapes eventually made it to William Wesley, who died using the tapes during a SHIELD experiment, and then Wendell Vaughn was nearby to take them when the facility was attacked by AIM agents, taking him with the flow of the quantum bands instead of trying to overwhelm them. If there’s anyone who can play a character who is both powerful and has a weakness, it’s Ryan Gosling.


miracle nova
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Nova resembles Quasar in that he is an intergalactic hero, but his combined powers come from the Nova Corps, who randomly chose him, and the help of a super-intelligent Worldmind computer. Originally from New York, Richard Rider embraced his destiny as a powerful superhero and took it upon himself to seek justice across the galaxy.

For a time, he believes he is losing his powers, but is eventually resurrected by Night Thrasher and joins the New Warriors. From there, his story takes several complex twists and turns, meaning he appears like a simple character on the surface but has a sharp depth underneath. Nova was teased about eventually joining the MCU and if they plan to incorporate its complicated storyline, Nova’s character would be a great role for Ryan Gosling’s acting skills to showcase.

long shot

Miracle Xmen Longshot
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

With Marvel’s purchase of Fox, the X-Men are now fair game for the MCU. Several projects are already planned for the mutants in phase 5, and OG fans of Marvel Comics and the world of mutants would enjoy seeing this fan-favorite character make his appearance. With Luck’s natural ability to protect him from harm so long as his heart is not motivated by evil, he initially appears as an interdimensional fugitive who has lost his memory.

Eventually, he discovers that he was a slave on his home planet who led a revolution against the corrupt ruler named Mojo. After his miniseries, his story ties in with the X-Men and he becomes a temporary member of their teams for a few years. Longshot is a unique Marvel character with a special power that is unconventional and interesting. To get Ryan to play him on the big screen would require a high profile actor. Also, wouldn’t it be great to see a clean-shaven Ryan Gosling with a blonde mullet?

Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider

Miracle Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Ghost Rider has always been an obscure Marvel “superhero” as he doesn’t exactly fit the standard form. First, it’s dark and spooky, which may turn off younger moviegoers, especially children. Intended for an adult audience, his story revolves around a nasty deal he made to save his stepfather’s life and in return, Johnny Blaze’s body has been taken over by the spirit of vengeance who is trying to complete acts of revenge on humans , by destroying the guilty party.

Ghost Rider is the most obvious choice for Ryan, since he basically played Johnny Blaze, or at least a sinister stunt bike rider, in the movie The Place Beyond the Pines. This is exactly what he would look like in human form in the MCU, before transforming into the blazing supernatural spirit of vengeance. However, this seems like too easy and repetitive a role for Ryan, and if a Ghost Rider character makes it into the MCU, the producers could choose someone other than Johnny Blaze. Anyway, after the failure of the previous Ghost Rider film, Marvel may be trying to recover with a proper reboot.


Miracle Xmen Cyclops
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops, is a mutant with the power to shoot powerful beams of energy from his eyes. He has a history as the first field leader of the X-Men team under Professor Charles Xavier, developing into a deep character over the years and eventually marrying Jean Grey. As the centerpiece of every X-Men storyline, he was sadly overlooked in the Fox films and made universally and utterly forgotten.

Hopefully, now that the X-Men are back under the MCU banner, fans will see a much more interesting and mature Scott Summers. Initially calm and reserved, Scott knows how to get down to business when it comes to leading his team and taking on the enemy. This would be a perfect fit for Ryan Gosling, who is also known for playing the strong and quiet guy with a side of vulnerability as seen in films like Driver and Bladerunner 2049.

This is his top choice given the high expectations placed on an MCU X-Men franchise, and rightly so, which means Marvel should only hire the best actors for the job.

Honorable Mention: The Sentinel

Wonder Guard
Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Recently rumors have also suggested that Ryan Gosling could be up for a role as The Sentry, and while that wouldn’t be a bad choice, we’re hoping he gets the opportunity to be a part of a burgeoning franchise like the X-Men. Only time will tell if Ryan Gosling makes it into the MCU, but if he does, he’s likely perfect for whatever role he gets.

That’s enough for our pick of characters for Ryan Gosling to play when he joins the MCU. Before you go, be sure to check out our feature sharing which characters would be great for Henry Cavill if he joins the MCU as well, along with the latest Phase 6 rumours. The 5 best MCU characters that Ryan Gosling would be perfect for

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