The Abz star says he wants to find the love of his life topping the star lineup on Celebs Go Dating

Abz’s POSTERS must have decorated a lot of bedroom walls during the heyday of his boy band 5IVE.

But the male singer is struggling to find the same level of love in his forties.

Abz is under pressure from her mother to settle down


Abz is under pressure from her mother to settle down

And now he is under pressure from his mother to settle down. “I need all the love I can get right now,” he said. Trust me.

“Like, I’m 42 years old. We are getting old here.

“I have gray in my beard and stuff.

“Mom said, ‘Where are my grandchildren?’ I was like, ‘Dude, I can’t help you right now.’ So I’m just trying to be a nice guy. We had fun, rock ‘n’ roll, madness.

“Time to get into my manly trousers and find someone.”

Abz, now a member of boy band Boyz On Block, added: “I used to believe in lightning love and all that. I am no more.

“I guess it’s just wisdom that comes with age.”

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Ulrika Jonsson: ‘I can’t stand complacent people. Fun is sexy’

Sun columnist Ulrika says she can't'stand arrogant people'


Sun columnist Ulrika says she can’t ‘stand arrogant people’

The TV presenter and columnist The Sun may be the oldest on the show but knows exactly what she wants – someone to laugh her into bed.

The mother of four, the Gladiators organizer, gave her wish list to matchmakers.

Ulrika, 54, said: ‘I can’t stand arrogant, complacent people. But shyness is painful. You want someone confident.

“Humor is so sexy and so brilliant. We all want to laugh in bed, right? ”

But those lucky boys who think they could be her next husband should think again. She added: “I’m not looking for ‘one of these’.

“I don’t need that anymore. I am very satisfied in my own company. I know it’s a real cliché, but it has to be someone who elevates everything in my life, instead of taking it away.

“Currently, I’m trying to settle down, definitely not getting married or anything. I certainly won’t have children. It’s about finding someone to have a good time with. “

Ryan-Mark Parsons: ‘My Dates Just Ask Me About Lord Sugar’

Ryan-Mark, 21, said his previous dates always asked about Lord Sugar


Ryan-Mark, 21, said his previous dates always asked about Lord Sugar

Apprentice boss Lord Sugar is currently putting a bunch of new wannabes to the test.

But it looks like the show will come with a caveat: It ruins your love life.
Ryan-Mark, who was a contestant in 2019 – and the youngest to join – thinks it ruined his chances of romance then.

His dates are always interested in learning about the 74-year-old tycoon.

Ryan-Mark, 21, who was a Gucci brand ambassador in Harrods, laments: “A lot of young people watch The Apprentice.

“So when I date, they always ask what kind of person Lord Sugar is.

“I don’t want to talk about an old man, I just want to talk about me. I want them to talk about my personality and the rest of it, not about anyone else.

“That’s what tends to happen when I’m dating.

“Honestly, it really gets in the way.”

Nikita Jasmine: ‘I’m stubborn but I’m more than that’

Nikita has been removed from MAFS for'aggression' and'unacceptable behaviour'


Nikita has been removed from MAFS for ‘aggression’ and ‘unacceptable behaviour’

WILD Geordie Nikita determined to prove she’s just a pervert after receiving support from Married At First Sight for having a tantrum.

The 27-year-old hopes matchmaker Paul C Brunson, who paired her with husband Ant Poole on last year’s E4 dating show, has more luck on Celebs Go Dating.

She was removed for “aggression” and “unacceptable behavior” just days after tying the knot with Ant, who she said was “not what she ordered”.

Nikita said: “Paul always said that I was misunderstood and that there were many layers to me.

“This show is perfect because everyone gets to see the real Nikita.

“It’s not just a loud, aggressive character.

“Yes, I am arguing. Yes, I am adamant.

“But for me there is so much more to it.

“That’s why I’m so excited – you’ll see a true reflection of me.”

Miles Nazaire: ‘I’ve never dated anyone younger than me’

Miles wants to date a sexy cougar


Miles wants to date a sexy cougar

MADE In Chelsea, Miles hopes to bite off more than he can chew by dating a sexy cougar.

The 25-year-old has been a member of the party-loving E4 reality show since the series 15, which premiered in 2018.

He has joined Celebs Go Dating and wants the love experts to find him an older woman.

Miles dated Made In Chelsea star Maeva D’Ascanio for three years before they split in 2020.

But when asked if he’d be interested in dating a cougar, Miles said: “Yes, always. I have never dated anyone younger than me.

“I love Jennifer Aniston. She is amazing. Interestingly, she’s not my type on paper.

“I just remember meeting her when she was on my screen and I said, ‘She’s my wife. And Jennifer is my mother’s age, which is really weird. But she’s the one I like.”

Ulrika has said that she is looking for fun, so. . .

Chloe Brockett: ‘People saw me screaming and thought, Nah, f*** that’

Towie's Chloe Brockett wants to settle down


Towie’s Chloe Brockett wants to settle down

ENGLAND and Manchester City footballer Jack Grealish may have made it to her finals in the summer but Chloe hasn’t scored in ages.

Little Towie gets so little attention that she turns to Celebs Go Dating for emotional help and guidance.

Chloe, 21, wants to settle down but thinks time spent with Towie is making men out.

“My phone is too dry,” she said. I do not know why.

“I think maybe they followed me and saw me shouting at too many people. They think, “No, f*** that.” Honestly, they must be afraid of me.”

But at least she hasn’t faced any X-rated photos from potential suitors. Chloe added: “I would go crazy if someone sent me promotional photos**k. Unsolicited images are very active.

“Who’s going to look at that and then go,” Well, I can’t wait to sleep with you now? ”

Inside the Celebs Go Dating company as Nikita Jasmine takes the tour ‘where the magic happens’

https://www.thesun.ie/tv/8202013/abz-celebs-go-dating-hopes/ The Abz star says he wants to find the love of his life topping the star lineup on Celebs Go Dating

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