The aspiring model, 27, died of cervical cancer just four months after doctors said her hormones were to blame

AN NHS Trust has apologized after an aspiring model died of cervical cancer just four months after a doctor said her hormones were to blame.

Porsche McGregor-Sims died in hospital just a day after she was admitted with the illness – in one of the saddest cases she has ever dealt with, a coroner said.

Porsche McGregor-Sims went to the doctor for symptoms caused by cervical cancer. She was told hormones were to blame


Porsche McGregor-Sims went to the doctor for symptoms caused by cervical cancer. She was told hormones were to blamePhoto credit: Solent
Porsche, who was engaged to Mark Chappel, died of cervical cancer in April 2020


Porsche, who was engaged to Mark Chappel, died of cervical cancer in April 2020

And now an NHS Trust has apologized for her death after the doctor thought her symptoms were a hormone problem.

The 27-year-old was told by a counselor that her problems could be related to the side effects of stopping birth control or irritable bowel syndrome.

dr Peter Schlesinger, a local doctor specializing in gynecology, insisted her symptoms – including bleeding after sex – didn’t lead him to believe she had a serious illness.

dr Claire Burton, a consultant gynecologist at Portsmouth Hospitals, said Dr. Schlesinger should have physically examined Miss McGregor-Sims and apologized for the care she received at the Trust.

dr Burton said, “If [Dr Scheslinger] had examined her [in late January] then she would have been referred more quickly for colposcopy, where the diagnosis would have been made.

“I would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Porsche and apologize for the care they have had here.”

Completing her investigation, Area Coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp said today the young woman’s death in 2019 was one of the “most shocking and traumatic” cases she has ever dealt with.

She added that based on what she has heard, she will be writing a “letter of concern” to the foundation responsible for her care.

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Ms Rhodes-Kemp said: “We see hundreds and hundreds of cases every year – and I’ve done about 6,000 investigations – but this one is particularly sad.”

On January 24, she was seen by a local gynecologist who neither examined her nor referred her for a colposcopy.

“Instead, she was advised [symptoms of] RDS.

“It’s not clear if a referral in January would have changed the tragic outcome, but an earlier diagnosis would have given her and her family more time to prepare.

“I think a reasonable conclusion in this case is natural causes.

“I am in no way trying to downplay the family’s suffering, but there is no evidence that an earlier diagnosis would have altered the outcome.”

Miss McGregor-Sims – a graduate engaged to be married – was only seen face-to-face by a doctor after months of complaining of abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding because experts thought her shortness of breath may have been Covid.

The inquest, completed today in Winchester, Hants, found that a simple physical examination could have led to an earlier diagnosis.

Porsche’s mother Fiona Hawke said even “a few more weeks” would have made an “indescribable difference” in the family’s ability to cope with her daughter’s illness.

Miss McGregor-Sims, from Portsmouth, Hants, underwent her first smear test in 2017, which revealed no cancer cells but did find “abnormal cells” – although no further action was taken.

Two years later she complained of abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding and in December 2019 her GP referred her to a specialist.

It was only at the end of January that Dr. Schlesinger seen at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hants.

dr Schlesinger, 71, said at a previous hearing he thought her symptoms were “hormonal” after she stopped taking birth control shots about a year before her death.

The father-of-four from Frome, Somerset, said he didn’t think a vaginal exam was “necessary” and Miss McGregor-Sims later complained he “didn’t listen” to her.

Miss McGregor-Sims underwent further tests in early April – when cervical cancer was first suspected – and was referred to the oncology department on April 9.

She was later admitted to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Hants, with “heavy” shortness of breath caused by the cancer, where she died a day later on April 14, 2020.

McGregor-Sims’ mother Fiona Hawke, fiance Mark Chappel and twin brother Deucalion introduced Dr. Schlesinger’s practices during the examination and questioned why no physical examination took place.

Fiona Hawke told the inquest no one, including her daughter, expected never to see her again when she was rushed to hospital.

Ms Hawke said: “She was scared and alone. She knew it wasn’t good, she knew it was going to be a struggle, and she knew she probably wouldn’t survive it in the long run.

“But she didn’t expect to die two days after the diagnosis. She expected to be listened to and helped, but that didn’t happen.

“From December onwards, the time it took us to diagnose and evaluate her cost us the very little time we possibly had to adjust to the fact that we were going to lose her and to be with her and for to be them and to prepare in some way for the massive loss we would experience.

“If the examination had been done in January, we would have had a little more time with her.

“When she got into the hospital, there wasn’t a single person in that family who thought she wasn’t going to get out.

“A few more weeks would have made an indescribable difference to this experience for all of us – including Porsche.”

The inquiry found that the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust had reviewed logs following the Porsche case, which had led to the Trust deciding not to hire on-site doctors in the future, instead hiring more internal consultants.

All patients treated by Dr. Schlesinger were seen again by another doctor, the investigation said.

Ms Rhodes-Kemp added she would be writing a “concern letter” to Portsmouth hospitals which could lead to a report on how to prevent future deaths.

She said: “Importantly, we heard that the way the family learned of the severity of Porsche’s cancer was shocking and traumatic.” The aspiring model, 27, died of cervical cancer just four months after doctors said her hormones were to blame

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