The author’s defense of Clarence Thomas, who was mocked by Twitter users


That’s because his opinion piece didn’t mention it gone on many of the same trips which led to the scandal surrounding Thomas’ failure to disclose the businessman’s travel arrangements and possible conflicts of interest.

Mark Paoletta published the article Thursday on the conservative National Review website under the headline “Justice Thomas acted properly and was not required to disclose his travels”.

In the article, Paoletta, who was General Counsel to the Office of Management and Budget during the Trump administration, claims that Thomas got it right when it came to disclosure, although the allegations were deemed serious enough to be escalated to a federal body that sets the laws monitored for disclosure of financial data.

Although Paoletta’s article mentions that he is friends with Thomas, worked on his 1991 Senate confirmation, co-edited a book about him, and represented Ginni Thomas in the January 6 House Special Committee inquiry, there is one thing which he has not disclosed putting him in the social media hot seat.

Paoletta didn’t mention he was on the same trips with Thomas and Crow, which raised eyebrows at the time ProPublica wrote about it earlier this month.

So when he posted the guest comment on Twitter, a funny thing happened: a lot of people showed up with receipts.

Paoletta’s tweet inspired one person to make a wish.

HuffPost reached out to Paoletta for comment, but he didn’t immediately respond.

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