The bad news is that worse is to come from this government

Unfortunately, for the Irish PAYE citizen, Jim O’Sullivan is right about the bright future for energy suppliers (“A blind man can see where open energy markets lead”, Letters, 19 September),

Over the past decade, Irish governments have outperformed Thatcher-Reaganomics at the behest of international markets. In the year of Ireland’s centenary of independence from the UK, and in the years to come, both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil have turned their backs on working people, the elderly and most importantly those in need of healthcare.

In the last sentence of his letter, Mr. O’Sullivan states: “No matter how bad things are, it seems that this administration can always make them worse.”

This illustrates the insane groupthink in the combined membership of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. By the time of the next general election, the title of the late John Healy’s book on emigration will be – Nobody yelled stop! – will be the epitaph of this government.

Why? Because the mantra in ministerial offices around the world is: “Don’t tell me anything I don’t need to hear.”

Declan Foley

Melbourne, Australia

The commentary on the Queen’s death is exaggerated

With the utmost respect for the late Queen Elizabeth (may she rest in peace), multi-channel TV networks are saddled with talking royal viewers and an army of others. These people tell viewers what’s happening, what happened, and what’s about to happen.

It’s too much to bear.

Oliver McGrane

Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

The housing crisis is now feeding into a population emergency

The housing crisis has actually been going on for decades. It has been exacerbated by the unhindered investment in housing developments by international vulture funds.

This has helped our young people achieve steadily and bewilderingly higher mortgage payments and rents. The result is that births are postponed.

Ireland’s fertility rate has fallen from 3.85 in 1970 to 1.70 in 2019. A population replacement rate is generally set at 2.10.

In addition to this mishmash, our government recently introduced free birth control for women ages 17-25. All of this is happening at a time of rapid decline in traditional Christian family life in the Western world – and also in Russia.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, said on record: “From a humanitarian point of view and from the point of view of strengthening our statehood and from an economic point of view, the demographic problem is one of the most important.”

Is it a coincidence that two nations now in conflict – Ukraine and Russia – have rapidly aging populations that can hardly afford to send their young men to war? In addition, they both fight to grow their economies to be able to pay future pensions.

John F Higgins

Aylesbury Park, Sligo

Those who do not contribute should not receive handouts

As our political parties prepare for the next election and vie for public approval, we hear that welfare recipients could benefit from a one-time double welfare payment, including the much-vaunted Christmas bonus.

Such a scenario would exclude many people who pay their fair share of taxes but do not meet the criteria to receive any of these handouts. This includes people from working families, couples, singles, and even some public or civil service retirees.

While I exclude those on minimum wage, disability, and old-age pensions, why are those who didn’t contribute a dime entitled to these and many other welfare benefits?

Those who have not contributed are those who seek and obtain (and sometimes have the audacity to turn down) social housing at minimal cost.

They also receive Back-to-School Allowances, Housing Assistance Payments (HAP), Supplemental Needs Payments, and Fuel Allowances, to name a few.

Who is paying for this extravagance as we plunge deeper into debt? This debt amounts to 239 billion euros. But we have parties in opposition that want to spend, spend, spend or borrow, borrow, borrow.

I understand the need, in the current climate, to find support for people who are finding it extremely difficult to put food on the table, fuel their cars or heat their homes.

However, it’s time to limit such benefits to those who need them most, not those who sit around contributing nothing but whining and expecting everything.

Christy Galligan

Letterkenny, Co Donegal The bad news is that worse is to come from this government

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