The Best Builds For Seelah In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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Character improvement in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous could be one thing of a frightening chore – there are so many issues to think about when leveling up and making a construct. Do you have to multiclass? Which feats and spells must you decide? Do you want an animal companion?

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Seelah the Paladin is the first companion you may decide up in your quest via the north of Golarion. She’s an iconic character for the Pathfinder franchise, identical to Amiri from Pathfinder: Kingmaker, and he or she’s… somewhat underwhelming, truthfully. Fortunately, there are methods to make her helpful. We have now some nice builds so that you can strive!

Seelah’s Fundamental Stats

The primary downside with Seelah is that her stats aren’t too spectacular. An 18 in Energy will not be unhealthy, however she’s a Paladin with solely 15 Charisma and a shield-user who solely has 13 Dexterity. It isn’t an optimized loadout, but it surely’s workable.

That is her default loadout:

Degree Construct
1 Paladin 1 – Dodge, Defend Focus

This can be a tanky begin that locks Seelah into being a shield-user if you happen to do not need to waste her feats. Under are three builds that work properly. Beneath each construct are ideas that you need to use to adapt the construct nonetheless you need, whether or not for private, lore, or min-maxing causes.

Defend Bash Pure Paladin Construct For Seelah

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Seelah Paladin Build

There’s nothing incorrect with taking Seelah all the best way to Degree 20 as a Paladin. Paladins work very well in Wrath of the Righteous because of what number of Evil opponents there are. Whereas they don’t seem to be precisely made for tanking, Seelah can handle to get a good AC with somewhat Dexterity funding, and this feeds right into a Defend Bash Construct fairly properly.

Equip Seelah with the weapon of your selecting, load her up with buffing spells, and set her unfastened on the demonic hordes of the Worldwound. She makes for a nice harm supplier with loads of help choices via Lay On Fingers and her Paladin spellbook.

Degree Construct
2 Paladin 2
3 Paladin 3: Additional Lay On Fingers, Mercy – Fatigued
4 Paladin 4: DEX +1
5 Paladin 5: Defend Bash, Divine Weapon Bond
6 Paladin 6: Mercy – Diseased
7 Paladin 7: Weapon Focus (Longsword)
8 Paladin 8: DEX +1
9 Paladin 9: Two-Weapon Combating, Mercy – Exhausted
10 Paladin 10
11 Paladin 11: Defend Grasp
12 Paladin 12: DEX +1, Mercy – Blinded
13 Paladin 13: Improved Two-Weapon Combating*
14 Paladin 14
15 Paladin 15: Better Two-Weapon Combating*, Mercy – Shocked
16 Paladin 16: STR +1
17 Paladin 17: Improved Crucial (Longsword)
18 Paladin 18: Mercy – Paralyzed
19 Paladin 19: Bashing End
20 Paladin 20: STR +1

  • *In an effort to take Improved Two-Weapon Combating and Better Two-Weapon Combating, you will have to equip Seelah with a Belt of Dexterity +2 and a Belt of Dexterity +4 respectively earlier than leveling up. It’s best to have entry to those at this level within the recreation – strive wanting in retailers round city and at all times verify in with the Skeleton Service provider on the world map.

    • You’ll want to spice up your efficient Dexterity to at the very least 19 with gear bonuses for each feats to stay energetic.
    • Alternatively, if you happen to swap one of many later Energy boosts for an additional Dexterity increase, you’ll solely want a +2 Dexterity enchantment to maintain the feat energetic.
  • Whereas Seelah will get Defend Bash at Degree 5 right here, she will not be efficient with it till at the very least Degree 9 when she will get Two-Weapon Combating. Till then, it could be more practical to equip her along with your finest two-handed weapon – there are many Glaives about within the early recreation that swimsuit her simply nice.
  • The solely essential Mercies to take could be Fatigued and Exhausted. There are many nasty enemies who can inflict these illnesses in your celebration members and they are often extraordinarily unhealthy information – particularly the horrific foes who like to make use of Wave of Exhaustion. The Mercies that heal Blindness and Paralysis are actually nice as they reduce the necessity for hoarding healing scrolls or losing spell slots.
  • Whereas this construct makes use of Longswords as Seelah’s weapon of selection to remain lore-friendly, you could want to decide Scimitars or Rapiers as an alternative. They’re one-handed weapons with bigger important ranges than Longswords and can enhance her harm output.
  • We take Divine Weapon Bond as an alternative of the Divine Steed because the weapon bond might be extra helpful in the long term. As well as, this construct cannot actually spare any of the feats that might make an animal companion value protecting round.

Mythic Skills Mythic Feats
Unrelenting Assault Two-Weapon Combating (Mythic)
Ample Smite Additional Feat: Crucial Focus
Ample Casting Flawless Assaults
Mythic Cost Additional Capacity: Thundering Blows
Dimensional Retribution Sorcerous Reflex
  • The Mythic picks listed below are largely geared in direction of making Seelah extra offensive. She is more likely to have low Velocity, so Mythic Cost making closing that hole all of the more practical.
  • With Ample Casting, Seelah positive aspects loads of spell slots which might be fairly helpful for loading up on therapeutic spells. These aren’t actually to be used within the warmth of battle, however for topping off damage allies after a battle when a full relaxation is not referred to as for.
  • Dimensional Retribution and Crucial Focus are in all probability the best picks right here to swap out to your personal preferences.

Helpful Spells
Degree 1: Bless, Bless Weapon, Problem Evil, Unbreakable Coronary heart, Grace, Remedy Gentle Wounds
Degree 2: Easy Armor, Communal Safety From Evil/Chaos, Bull’s Energy, Eagle’s Splendor
Degree 3: Angelic Side, Archon’s Aura, Prayer, Better Magic Weapon, Remedy Reasonable Wounds
Degree 4: Eaglesoul, Demise Ward, Burst of Glory
  • A Paladin Seelah is by no means going to be your most important caster the least bit, however she generally is a first rate buffer. Communal Safety from Evil/Chaos is just about at all times related in Wrath of the Righteous and useful to maintain stocked always.
  • Later within the recreation, Angelic Side and Eaglesoul make for improbable self-buffs that make Seelah an much more threatening beast.
  • In case you have Sorcerous Reflex, you may forged any of the Degree One or Degree Two spells as a swift motion as soon as per encounter – this can be a nice utility to have when caught without warning.

Offensive Assist Battle Scion Construct For Seelah

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Seelah Battle Scion Build

The Battle Scion (a Sklad archetype) is a wonderful class that focuses on buffing your group members with Teamwork feats. Whereas Seelah takes a big hit to her personal harm output to make this construct work, she greater than makes up for it with glorious help capabilities.

This construct is most helpful on groups with a number of melee fighters because of the bonuses it grants via Teamwork feats. It’s much like the Paladin construct in that it goes for Two-Weapon Combating via Defend Bash, but it surely’s undoubtedly geared in direction of help moderately than offense.

Degree Construct
2 Battle Scion 1: Metamagic (Lengthen Spell)
3 Battle Scion 2: Additional Efficiency, Fight Trick: Defend Bash
4 Battle Scion 3: DEX +1, Lesser Fiend Totem
5 Battle Scion 4: Lingering Efficiency
6 Battle Scion 5:
7 Battle Scion 6: Arcane Armor Coaching, Outflank
8 Battle Scion 7: DEX +1, Fight Trick: Two-Weapon Combating
9 Battle Scion 8: Additional Efficiency
10 Battle Scion 9: Fiend Totem
11 Battle Scion 10: Improved Two-Weapon Combating*
12 Battle Scion 11: DEX +1
13 Battle Scion 12: Energy Assault, Fight Trick: Hammer the Hole, Fearless Rage
14 Battle Scion 13
15 Battle Scion 14: Defend Grasp
16 Battle Scion 15: CHA +1, Shake it Off
17 Battle Scion 16: Better Two-Weapon Combating*
18 Battle Scion 17: Fight Trick: Bashing End
19 Battle Scion 18: Deadly Stance, Exact Strike
20 Paladin 2: WIS +1

  • *In an effort to take Improved Two-Weapon Combating and Better Two-Weapon Combating, you will have to equip Seelah with a Belt of Dexterity +2 and a Belt of Dexterity +4 respectively earlier than leveling up. It’s best to have entry to those at this level within the recreation – strive wanting in retailers round city and at all times verify in with the Skeleton Service provider on the world map.

    • You’ll need to increase your efficient Dexterity to at the very least 19 with gear bonuses for each feats to stay energetic.
  • As a substitute of boosts to CHA and WIS (that are taken to spherical out Seelah’s stats and enhance her spellcasting considerably), you could want to exchange them with boosts to STR or DEX for extra fight reliability.
  • It’s very viable to exchange the Fiend Totem feats with Beast Totem feats if you wish to change issues up.
  • It is also viable to maneuver Energy Assault to Degree Three, transfer Defend Bash to Degree Seven, and find yourself taking Arcane Armor Coaching at Degree 13. This can enhance Seelah’s harm output within the early recreation however could result in extra spell failures as she’s more likely to be carrying heavy armor more often than not.
  • At Degree 13 Seelah positive aspects the power to change on her Inspiring Rage as a swift motion. She will then simply change it off to preserve Rage makes use of whereas benefitting from Lingering Efficiency. If you happen to see your self utilizing this technique loads, it could be value swapping one of many Additional Efficiency picks for a fight feat, similar to Weapon Focus.

Mythic Skills Mythic Feats
Unrelenting Assault Two-Weapon Combating (Mythic)
Inspirational Chief Flawless Assaults
Favourite Metamagic (Lengthen) Energy Assault (Mythic)
Mythic Cost Defend Focus (Mythic)
Ample Smite Additional Feat: Arcane Armor Mastery
  • Grabbing Arcane Armor Mastery is a superb concept for ensuring Seelah can forged well-enough throughout fight. In any other case, you could find yourself spending a whole lot of time taking her armor off earlier than fights simply to make use of her buffs – and that is no enjoyable approach to play the sport.
  • Inspirational Chief is there to intensify Seelah’s function as a buffer, however you could want to swap this for one thing extra offensive if you happen to really feel it could impinge in your fight economic system too strongly.

Helpful Spells
Degree 1: Grease, Take away Worry, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Step, Remedy Gentle Wounds, Unbreakable Coronary heart
Degree 2: Glitterdust, Mirror Picture, Sense Vitals, Cat’s Grace, Eagle’s Splendor, Remedy Reasonable Wounds
Degree 3: Haste, Good Hope, Communal Delay Poison, Mass Feather Step, Take away Curse, Remedy Severe Wounds, Blink
Degree 4: Dimension Door, Better Invisibility, Defend of Daybreak, Rainbow Sample, Remedy Crucial Wounds, Communal See Invisibility
Degree 5: Joyful Rapture, Better Dispel Magic, Music of Discord, Summon Monster V
Degree 6: Sensible Inspiration, Mass Cat’s Grace, Summon Enormous Elemental, Overwhelming Presence

  • Upon getting Favourite Metamagic (Lengthen), there is no such thing as a cause to not apply it to each single spell doable. It is a straight-up buff to your complete spellbook.
  • As you may see, this construct focuses primarily on buffing spells, therapeutic spells, and spells that do not want Seelah’s Charisma stat to be helpful, similar to Grease and Glitterdust.
  • Summon Monster V and Summon Enormous Elemental are current principally for distraction and corridor-blocking functions.

Frontline Nature Oracle Construct For Seelah

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Seelah Oracle Build

This Seelah construct takes her satisfactory Charisma and turns her right into a full spellcaster. It treats her preliminary stage in Paladin as a dip that will get her some martial proficiencies and the ever-useful Smite Evil means.

Oracles make for nice spontaneous casters that may nonetheless put on armor successfully, and Seelah is an ideal candidate for making an attempt this class out. This construct is much like the Battle Scion construct however trades some martial means for higher spellcasting, together with the power to forged Degree 9 spells. She begins out as a good buffer who is not afraid to get on the frontlines and finally ends up as a really highly effective offensive caster who nonetheless is not afraid to be on the frontlines. She additionally will get an animal companion, they usually’re enjoyable to have round!

Degree Construct
2 Oracle 1: Powerless Prophecy, Battle Thriller, Weapon Mastery, Remedy Spells, Weapon Focus (Longswords)
3 Oracle 2: Metamagic (Lengthen Spell)
4 Oracle 3: CHA +1, Battlecry
3 Oracle 4: Energy Assault
6 Oracle 5
7 Oracle 6: Dazzling Show
8 Oracle 7: CHA +1, Animal Companion (Wolf)
9 Oracle 8: Shatter Defenses
10 Oracle 9
11 Oracle 10: Spell Penetration
12 Oracle 11: CHA +1, Fight Healer
13 Oracle 12: Metamagic (Heighten Spell), Better Weapon Focus (Longsword)
14 Oracle 13
15 Oracle 14: Dreadful Carnage
16 Oracle 15: CHA +1, Warfare Sight
17 Oracle 16: Metamagic (Bolster Spell)
18 Oracle 17
19 Oracle 18: Better Spell Penetration
20 Oracle 19: CHA +1, Iron Pores and skin

  • The logic behind this construct is fairly straightforward to understand. It tries to steadiness Seelah’s harm output along with her spellcasting skills and throws in some crowd management feats that depend on her inflating Charisma.
  • As this isn’t actually a melee-oriented construct per se, it is fairly viable to alter Seelah’s weapon focus for any weapon sort you want – Longswords are simply lore-friendly as a selection. As she positive aspects ranges it is extra doubtless that she’ll begin utilizing spells as her most important offense moderately than weaponry anyway. This construct lends itself to two-handed weapons greater than the opposite builds on this article.
  • Wolf-Scarred Face is an effective prophecy to take as its disadvantage has no mechanical operate within the recreation. The a lot superior Powerless Prophecy can be taken via Mythic Skills with none drawbacks by any means.
  • It is essential that you just take the Mythic Capacity that grants entry to the Nature Thriller earlier than you hit Degree Eight in an effort to get your Animal Companion in a well timed method.

Mythic Skills Mythic Feats
Second Thriller: Nature Weapon Focus (Mythic)
Ample Casting Energy Assault (Mythic)
Improved Ample Casting Additional Capacity: Favourite Metamagic: Lengthen
Helpful Curse: Powerless Prophecy Spell Penetration (Mythic)
Better Ample Casting Sorcerous Reflex
  • With these Mythic Skills, Seelah will hardly ever run out of spell slots and positive aspects a ton of spells. This makes her a actually efficient healer who can at all times discover one thing to do in battle.
  • If you happen to needed to make Seelah a extra devoted healer, swap out the Nature Thriller for the Life Thriller and take some highly effective healing-centric Revelations.
  • A superb different to Mythic Beast is Weapon Mastery (Mythic) if you happen to do not need to waste a whole Mythic Feat in your companion.

Helpful Spells
Degree 1: Bless, Divine Favor, Unbreakable Coronary heart, Bane
Degree 2: Align Weapon, Communal Safety From Alignment, Grace, Easy Armor, Lesser Restoration
Degree 3: Prayer, Communal Resist Power, Archon’s Aura, Searing Gentle
Degree 4: Restoration, Dismissal, Defend of Daybreak, Divine Energy
Degree 5: Righteous Would possibly, Burst of Glory, Flame Strike, Better Command
Degree 6: Mass Blessing of Luck and Resolve, Joyful Rapture, Heal
Degree 7: Holy Phrase, Better Restoration, Destruction
Degree 8: Defend of Regulation, Hearth Storm, Holy Aura
Degree 9: Mass Heal, Winds of Vengeance

  • The majority of Seelah’s magical offense comes from the later spell ranges, which is why the construct pivots so severely at round Degree 11.
  • Being an Oracle with two Mysteries provides Seelah a lot of routinely realized spells. Ensure you be aware which of them can be realized routinely so you do not choose them unintentionally upon stage up. These spells embrace all of the Remedy spells and notable greats similar to Rift of Smash and Overwhelming Presence.
  • Sorcerous Reflex will tremendously enhance your harm output at first of fights, do not be afraid to pile on the ache or buff up liberally.
  • Upon getting Favourite Metamagic (Lengthen), there is no such thing as a cause to not apply it to each single spell doable. It is a straight-up buff to your complete spellbook.
  • Use your Heighten and Bolster Metamagic to enhance your most helpful spells similar to Archon’s Aura and Flame Strike.

Animal Companion Construct

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Seelah Pet Build

If you happen to decide to comply with this text’s Oracle construct and take an Animal Companion, you may have to decide on what it will get at stage up too. Fortunately, animal companions are very easy to construct.

Degree Construct
1 Bully 1: Fury’s Fall
2 Bully 2
3 Bully 3: Weapon Focus (Chunk)
4 Bully 4: INT +1
5 Bully 5: Armor Proficiency (Gentle Barding)
6 Bully 6
7 Bully 7: Armor Proficiency (Medium Barding)
8 Bully 8: STR +1
9 Bully 9: Dodge
10 Bully 10
11 Bully 11: Improved Crucial (Chunk)
12 Bully 12: STR +1
13 Bully 13: Crucial Focus
14 Bully 14
15 Bully 15: Energy Assault
16 Bully 16: STR +1
17 Bully 17: Better Bull Rush
18 Bully 18
19 Bully 19: Staggering Crucial
20 Bully 20: DEX +1

  • Energy Assault is afterward within the construct because of the animal companions’ moderately low assault rolls.
  • This companion must be fairly first rate at tripping enemies up. Chances are you’ll resolve to spice up its DEX as an alternative of its STR to get higher journey probabilities because of Fury’s Fall.

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