The best way to upgrade your airport in cities: Skylines DLC

Cities: Skylines has always given builders extensive control over the operations of their urban structures. Despite this immense power over city functions, airports always seem to be left out with few options for customization. In the past, there was no more possibility than the ability to place a pre-made building and runway while being able to modify some small details of its operation.

With the release of the Cities: Skylines – Airports Expansion DLC, players now have full control over the layout, size, and appearance of their airports, as well as increased options for controlling operations. To get the most out of the Airports Expansion DLC, players will need to upgrade their airport from Level 1 to Level 3, unlocking new features and more options along the way. Here’s the best way to upgrade your airport in the Cities: Skylines – Airports Expansion DLC so you can maximize the impact your airport has on your city.

Your airport leveling basics

The minimum you need to do for your airport to be successful is the same as any other service in your city. If you ensure that your airport is accessible and functioning properly, you will be at the maximum level. final. However, you can do more than that to speed up your progress and speed during leveling up.

Attractiveness is the key to quick airport leveling

Beyond mere operations, your airport’s progress is measured by two important metrics: number of passengers and attraction. You can find these by clicking on your airport and looking at the information tab, which has been updated by the DLC with additional information.

The best strategy for upgrading these is to focus on the attractiveness of your airport, as this will naturally lead to an increase in your passenger numbers.

Photos of Cities Skylines Airport Bus

One of the most obvious and simple ways to increase the attractiveness of an airport is to expand the surrounding area. As always, many buildings have attractions. The attraction scores of neighboring buildings combine with the attractiveness provided by parts of your airport (i.e. control towers) to your progress, so it is important to make sure Make sure your airport looks good from the inside out.

Unique buildings and monument are easy ways to get small gain in attraction. An even better way to increase appeal is to book nearby airport hotels. These give a significant boost to your attractiveness, which grows even better as you level your airport and unlock improved amenities.

Location is the key to attractiveness

Deeper strategic thinking can really boost your airport’s success and maximize its level in no time. This is where making sure your airport is a well-planned hub and not a dingy location is especially important!

Local Traffic and Transport helps to level airports quickly

Most people are travel through airport rather than an airport, so it is important that you can be reached by both public and private transport. As with any service in your city, it will not be used if it is inconvenient or unreachable.

The classic issue of traffic management is critical to the advancement of your airport, as are public transport considerations like trains and taxis. Make sure your traffic is running smoothly and you can reach the airport by different means of transportation to improve your attraction score and passenger volume.

Image of a monorail of Cities Skylines Airport

Policy is a reliable way to dig deeper into the details of how your city works to improve how it works. A new way to manage traffic around your airports is the new car rental policy brought by the new DLC. This allows you to provide another transportation option for travelers, which can improve the attractiveness of the airport while easing congestion nearby.

Nearby Airports (and Cities) Progress

Ensuring that your airport is surrounded by recreational activities can be one of the final pieces to optimizing your schedule if done properly. Airports are located in areas ripe for leisure and tourism counties will level up much faster than those placed in empty and boring locations.

An easy, productive way to profit from this is to place a zoo nearby. This will give a huge increase in the attractiveness of your airport while also benefiting the city’s overall tourism industry (which also affects your airport, which is beneficial for the city). your street, etc.).

These are the best ways to quickly upgrade your airport in the Cities: Skylines – Airports Expansion DLC. If this guide was helpful to you, be sure to check out some Game Instructions. The best way to upgrade your airport in cities: Skylines DLC

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