“The blunt message from Jesse Watters’ mother on Fox News”


Fox News’ Jesse Watters got some no-nonsense advice from his own mother on Monday – and a warning not to lose his job – as he officially took over the conservative station’s 8pm slot previously occupied by Tucker Carlson.

“Don’t fall down any conspiracy rabbit holes. “We don’t want to lose you and we don’t want lawsuits,” said Anne Watters, a Democrat called her son out in public said in a phone call because he had previously shown “contempt for diversity” and made controversial “blanket statements”.

“In keeping with the Hippocratic Oath: do no harm,” continued Anne Watters. “You must be kind and respectful.”

There has been enough “bashing” against President Joe Biden, she said. “Look for a solution instead of stoking the fire,” Anne Watters added, before making this derisive suggestion, in which she referenced former President Donald Trump, the front runner in the 2024 GOP race:

“You could encourage your Bedminster friend to return to his former career on television. Everyone in your audience could wear a red hat and I’m sure the ratings would skyrocket, although never as high my darling as you did on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’.”

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