The cast list of the lifetime movie Chaos on the Farm has been examined

chaos on the farm is an all-new, highly engrossing thriller film that will debut exclusively on Lifetime TV Network on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Eric Durham and Derek Sulek have served as writers for the upcoming film while Derek Sulek has served as director for the Lifetime film. Brook Sill has starred in the upcoming Lifetime movie.

The official synopsis for chaos on the farmgiven by the Lifetime Channel, reads:

“Shattered by the death of her beloved mother, Jessica is forced to visit her estranged aunt and uncle’s farm to tidy up loose ends in her mother’s will. When she arrives at the farm, things seem almost too perfect. But after a series of strange events, Jessica discovers dark secrets about her aunt and uncle.”

Aside from Sill, the main cast is for chaos on the farm These include Jake Busey, Clare Kramer and Billy Armstrong, among others.

Take a look at the main cast list for Lifetime’s chaos on the farm

Brook Sill as Jessica

Promising young actress Brook Sill is ready to play the main role of Jessica chaos on the farm for lifetime. The actress is best known for her portrayal of the characters Tia Parks in the short film TiaEstelle one cobra Kai, and Brebda in stranger things.

Sill has also been part of a few notable films. These include Haunted Trail, High Expectations, Fall Nights in China Grove, (Future) Cult Classic, How High 2, The Letters that Guided Us, And Three is complicated.

Brook Sill has also been part of a few notable television series including Outer BanksHenry Danger Stories And legacies.

Jake Busey as Lawrence

Popular American actor Jake Busey will play key character Lawrence in the upcoming Lifetime thriller. He is best known for playing Johnny Charles Bartlett in The horrorsJim “Diamond Jim” in Last Man ClubMr. Bing in A boy named Sailboat, and Captain McCalister in A Soldier’s Revenge.

The actor has also been part of several other table films including Reaper, Most likely die, Leave, Dead again in Tombstone, And The robber. He has also acted in films such as The first $20 million is always the hardest, identity, Lost Crossroads, The Hitcher II: I’ve been waitingAnd Christmas with the sick. The actor was there too HG Wells’ War of the Worlds The Rainmakers, And the killing jar, among other films.

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Jake Busey has also had major roles in several other television series including Shasta McNasty, The Twilight Zone, Charmed, code breakerAnd The mentalist. Fans have also seen him in series like The Finder, psychSantabarbaratown 2, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Justified, Texas risesAnd NCIS.

Clare Kramer as Susan

Actress Clare Kramer is ready to play the role of Susan chaos on the farm on Lifetime Channel. The actress is best known for her portrayal of the character Glory Buffy the vampire slayerTerri Blake in Good night BurbankAllison Mitchell in the grave dancers, and Lt. Brandt-Mathis in Tales of Halloween.

Kramer has also been part of several other well-known films, including The Rules of Attraction, DEBS, the horror hole, And The Skulls III. She was a part of movies like LADJ, guy in row five, road to hell, Dead Ones, Hard Love, Big Ass Spider!, The Lost Tree, Zer0 Tolerance, And The grill house among other.

Clare Kramer has also acted in several other television series The Accidental Years, Sabrina, the teenage witch, true calling, HouseAnd Good night Burbank. Fans have also seen her in series like Film Pigs, Monster School Animation, The Wrong House, Strange Ones, Dark/Web, Seduced by a Killer, and several others.

Other actors on the cast list include Billy Armstrong, Audrey Looye, Ren Hanami, Dorian Gregory, Geoffrey Dean Mallard, Stephen Wu and Michael Perl.

chaos on the farm will debut on Lifetime TV Channel on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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