The Dark Story Behind a Viral TikTok ‘Voicemail’

A TikTok clip of a woman seemingly listening to a stunning voicemail in which a man explains exactly why she should date him has garnered more than a million views.

Imitri, as the man reveals himself at the beginning of the clip, calls the woman a second time after calling a few days earlier.

Though Dimitiri doesn’t hear from the “stylish” woman at first, he gives her until 3 p.m. to call him back… or “I’m not interested anymore,” he threatens.

Dimitri is reportedly “smart, great in bed, makes a lot of money…” He continues to reel off the many attributes he claims to have.

In fact, he is, as he puts it, one of “the few men in town who have nothing to do with him.”

Unable to face the thought of possible rejection by the voicemail recipient, he suggests the woman might actually be juggling several “psychological issues.”

“Maybe you were abused in your childhood? Maybe you’re just someone who is extremely anxious and has an anxiety disorder? Maybe that’s why you’re on medication? I do not know. There could be another problem,” Dimitri suggests.

A user who shared the audio, @mollydareofficial, which she captioned “Dating in your 40s be like…” recorded a reaction to Dimitri’s threatening message.

However, when her video went viral, she was quick to correct the many people who believed she had received the voicemail.

“This audio isn’t mine – it’s trending audio and it’s from 10 years ago,” she wrote in the comments section.

So who is Dimitri?

“Dimitri the Lover” is a self-proclaimed pick-up artist who sold courses he claimed trained men to seduce women.

However, Dimitri is just a pseudonym for this particular activity.

The real name of the man behind this news is James Sears – a Canadian editor who was convicted in January 2019 of willfully promoting hatred against women and Jews.

Sears was the editor of an anti-Semitic tabloid that promoted his own political party, the unregistered New Constitution Party, which former Canadian Jewish Congress leader Bernie Farber described as “a clear attempt at a hateful portrayal of Jews.”

In August 2019, Sears was released on bail pending hearing of his appeal, which was later denied and marked the beginning of his one-year sentence.

Sears was later paroled in October 2021, but arrested again in February 2022 for violating his parole terms.

Why is this voicemail doing the rounds on social media now?

It seems that the infamous voicemail is making the internet rounds every few years.

Though voicemail is old, Sears methods seem familiar to a number of people on social media. In response to the latest viral video, which includes the audio, many viewers said they experienced Dimitri-style male proposals.

As one commenter puts it, “The sad thing is there are so many men like this.”

“He sounds like my ex,” wrote another.

Here’s the full length voicemail:

“It’s Dimitri again, the guy from the street.

“I left you a message a few days ago. I don’t leave second messages, but I like you: you are a very elegant woman, you are very attractive. But I don’t play this game. So, this is how it will work.

“If I don’t get a call back from you by 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, I’m no longer interested.

“I’m very intelligent, I’m great in bed, I make a lot of money. Believe it or not, I’m an absolute catch.

“In fact, I’m one of the few men in town who doesn’t mind him.

“Well, I understand if you have other problems. Perhaps you were abused in your childhood? Maybe you’re just someone who is extremely anxious and has an anxiety disorder? Maybe that’s why you’re on medication? I do not know. There could be another problem.

“If you’re mentally normal and haven’t called me because something terrible happened in your life that stopped you from doing that, that’s fine.”

The voicemail, reportedly sent to a woman named Olga, has since been made private on her original post on YouTube. The Dark Story Behind a Viral TikTok ‘Voicemail’

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