The divided nations of the United States – now a nation tearing itself apart in self-loathing

When Joe Biden sat down last night to give his first State of the Union speech, both POTUS and his advisers understood all too well that he was dealing with a tough and formidable crowd – the crowd was being refers to the United States itself. No one ever claimed that being leader would be an easy gig, but Mr. Biden tried to make it look harder. Honestly – and so many of his Irish supporters just stick their fingers in their ears whenever this is pointed out – he has been a disappointment. Instead of uniting the United States in a desperate attempt to repair some of the damage done by his predecessor, as he promised during his campaign, Biden has led a nation that increasingly looks like the… The divided nation of the United States. There are worries, especially among many of his own Democratic advisers, that his age will be an issue and that they have not gone away. He’s a beneficiary of the “Anyone But Trump” movement, which is prepared to elect anyone as long as they’re not someone Trump hates. It’s what they desperately want but as we all know all too well, you should always be careful with what you want. The president faces challenges and criticism on many national and international fronts. At home, he has to deal with rampant inflation, rising cost of living, and truly appalling rates of violence in larger cities (I love New York’s subway system, but not my life). I ventured these days). On the foreign fronts, the shameful and shameful abandonment of Afghanistan will go down in the history books as one of the most hated acts of any American leader. It also rings the dinner bell for Vladimir PutinUkraine’s invasion. After all, when it was reported that Mr. Putin had seen the live footage of the evacuation and laughed the whole time, the death was in a cast. He had the idea of ​​invading Ukraine, but the American performance in Afghanistan told him that now was the time to make that idea a reality. And, from the pitiful response from the White House, you know that’s part of the analysis the Russian autocrats got right. Mr. Trump’s supporters say this won’t happen to follow his lead and they may be right – he’s just as crazy as Mr. Putin and sometimes you need an unstable and unpredictable politician. dangerous to control unstable, dangerously unpredictable politician. But the sad truth for America is that its current problems go far deeper than anyone who happened to be occupying the Oval Office at any given time. In fact, it increasingly seems that as we turn our gaze to America, we are witnessing the sad decline of an empire. As former Democratic strategist Bob Shrum put it: “Too often in America today, we get stuck in an angry public square where those on the other side are seen as non-competitors. but the enemy, and the loser tries to burn down the stadium. It is a fateful danger to democracy.” It was clearly a reference to the sickly scenes inside the Capitol during the January 6 riots – an act of frenzied violence and overt political violence that should have led to Mr Trump’s expulsion from office. public life forever. But it could easily apply to cities like Portland and Seattle, which have seen little but tumult over the past few years. New York, Chicago and LA are suffering from a never-before-seen wave of crime, purely because of the reluctance of local District Attorneys to prosecute alleged petty crimes, while police officers have been under fire. to the extent that they simply cannot do their job. A recent USC report also focuses on the terrible rise of social media and fake news that has caused so much damage during the Covid pandemic. After all, when people don’t believe in anything, they believe in anything, and the level of delusion and denial of reality we’ve seen from Covid-deners and anti-vaxxers, those who gathered all their misinformation from doing their own “research” on various social networks. Media websites are another reminder that maybe, as a society, we’re all getting dumber than ever. Of course, it’s easy to engage in a form of both-as-bad-ass–but really, it’s hard to argue with that fact. The younger “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party is openly socialist and even communist, and seems to be more concerned with gender pronouns and culture warfare. While many Republicans seem to have gone mad. After all, the Republican thinking at CPAC last week seemed to present a procession of eccentrics, white nationalists, holocausts and hooligans. conspiracy. As both sides seem increasingly consumed by the desire to crush their enemies rather than greatly improve by ordinary Americans, it is difficult to know when this corruption will stop. In fact, it is extremely disappointing to see such a great country willing to tear itself apart in an act of self-loathing. It is not surprising that many American news agencies have given thoughts on the possibility of a second American Civil War. One of the interesting conclusions for that many parts is that it started, and is being fought on ideological grounds, with no quarter being asked or given and no mercy for either side. Perhaps one of the most damning accusations of the current political climate is that bookmakers have bet that the next election, in 2024, will be between Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton. If it doesn’t give the state genuine, moderate, bipartisan politicians who can rally their country back to some form of unity, nothing will. Come back, America, we miss you. And as we’ve all learned from the last few days in Ukraine, we need you. The divided nations of the United States – now a nation tearing itself apart in self-loathing

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