The doctor secretly fed 50 women – the cruel father behind Netflix’s Our Father

New Netflix documentary Our Father follows the biological children of former fertility doctor Donald Cline, who secretly used his own semen to nourish many women in Indianapolis

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Our Father: Netflix releases trailer for Donald Cline documentary

Netflix is ​​no stranger to presenting viewers with some of the craziest real-life stories like Tiger King and Don’t F**K with Cats, and now there’s something new for fans to indulge in.

On May 11, the popular streaming service will release a documentary called Our Father, and everyone will be glued to their screens for sure.

A two-minute trailer for Our Father was released via Twitter last week and wowed viewers by the true story it is based on.

The teaser begins with a woman’s voiceover: “Growing up, I feel different. I’m 35 years old and I got a DNA test.”

It then shifts to another female and male who talk about how the story unraveled for them when they realized they had a lot of relatives they knew nothing about.

Here’s everything you need to know about our Father and the man it’s based on, Dr. Donald Cline.

What is the real story behind Our Father?

Our Father revolves around Donald Cline, a fertility doctor who secretly fertilizes around 50 women using his own sperm.

Netflix’s upcoming documentary, Our Father, revolves around Donald Cline, a fertility doctor who secretly fertilizes around 50 women using his own sperm.

This former medical professional is said to have used his own semen on women at his clinic when he ‘drained’ his usual supply.

However, different mothers and their partners had absolutely no idea what he was doing – until one of his biological children took a DNA test.

Jacoba Ballard, who starred in Our Father, was one of the first to put everything together but she took a long time.

Jacoba Ballard, who starred in Our Father, was one of the first to put it all together



Ballard knew she was conceived at the age of 10, and in 2014, when she was 33, she began searching for her half-siblings.

“I was thinking one or two at most,” she said in an earlier interview.

In Sarah Zhang’s 2019 article for Atlantic, ‘The Fertility Doctor’s Secret’, she explains how she quickly connected with another woman whose mother had also been treated by Cline. As soon as she saw her Facebook photos, she knew they were related.

That woman knew another woman whose mother also went to Cline, and she had a sister. Four of them took the 23andMe test to confirm they were half-sisters, but the results showed they had four more half-siblings.

Donald Cline is said to have at least 50 biological children



The group continues to search for their biological father by cross-matching their DNA with a public database to find relatives, and the name ‘Cline’ keeps popping up. They eventually tracked down a distant relative, who shared that she had a cousin named Donald Cline, who was a fertility specialist in Indianapolis.

While searching for answers, four of the eight siblings filed a complaint with Indiana’s attorney general and asked for their suspicions to be investigated.

In 2015, Ballard sent a Facebook message to Fox59 news host Angela Ganote and asked for her help, which resulted in the local station airing a segment about a suspicious number of children from a donor at the time – but Cline was not named.

Many women have now discovered that the biological father of their children is actually Donald Cline

In the trailer for Our Father, Ganote is heard saying, “He’s known in our community as a philanthropist. He’s a church elder.”

It was actually Cline’s son who helped organize a meeting between the doctor and six of the newly discovered half-siblings, including Ballard.

During the reunion, Cline allegedly admitted to using her own sperm but said their medical records were destroyed.

How many children does Dr. Donald Cline have?

Many were devastated by the news and feared that even more ‘siblings’ would appear



According to Netflix, Cline has fertilized at least 50 people with his own sperm without their consent, and he has at least 50 children.

Jason Hyatt, another biological son of Cline, appears in the documentary Our Father, and in the trailer he is heard saying, “When I opened Ancestry, I had over 3,000 hits,” while another admitted: “I dread every new game that comes in, but they keep coming.”

For years, Ballard and her half-brothers wondered what caused Cline to lie to her patients and use her own semen to nourish them.

“Most of us have blonde hair, blue eyes. It’s almost like this perfect Aryan race,” Ballard said in the trailer before adding: “It’s disgusting.”

Where is Dr. Donald Cline now?

In December 2017, Cline pleaded guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice, by lying to state investigators about using her own sperm at her fertility clinic in December 2017. .

He received a suspended one-year prison sentence, so he did not have time to serve the sentence.

When Cline opened the clinic in 1979, there weren’t many rules around fertility, and it was assumed that doctors often chose the sperm donors they thought were best for each patient.

In 2018, Cline turned over his license to Indiana’s Medical Licensing Board, who also voted to bar him from applying to reinstate his license again.

Cline’s current whereabouts, as far as we can tell, are unknown.

When does our Father go out?

Our Father will be available to stream on Netflix on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

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