The dog’s “eyes glazed over” as he tried to tear the owner apart when she returned home after the holiday


GRAPHIC PICTURES WARNING: Caroline Fisher, 48, is ‘lucky enough not to lose her foot’ after her rescue Karakachan tried to maul her to death at her own home in Blackpool, Lancashire as she was handing out treats

Caroline Fisher was brutally attacked by her dog in her own home
Caroline Fisher was brutally attacked by her dog in her own home

A woman has described the moment her dog tried to kill her in her own home, leaving her with horrific injuries more akin to a ‘shark attack’.

Caroline Fisher, 48, had just returned to her home in Blackpool, Lancashire, when her Bulgarian rescue dog Metcho found her on Thursday April 9th.

The 5ft 6 Karakachan, who weighs a whopping 12.8lbs, ripped the back from her right arm and lacerated her left leg so badly that her tendons were left exposed as she struggled to escape with her life.

A passing neighbor came to her aid and Caroline was taken to the hospital where she is awaiting multiple skin and muscle transplants.

But her family have blasted Lancashire Police who are said to have failed to respond to the dangerous emergency for three days.

Caroline told the Mirror: “I don’t know what it was, maybe the sensory overload and excitement of seeing me after I got home.

Caroline has lost the back of her right arm


Caroline Fischer)

Caroline says police delays made the ordeal more difficult emotionally as Metcho sat inside waiting to be dealt with


Caroline Fischer)

“He got jealous of another of my dogs that was sitting on my knee, I went to move the dog and nudge him because I could only see a small look in his eyes.

“I got up to tell him no and he pinched my arm but when I told him to stop it only got worse.

“His eyes glazed over and he just turned around. The other dogs were barking and I think that just created a little excitement.

“I tried to get to the front door but he pulled me back by the ankle.

“If I hadn’t fled, he would have killed me.”

Caroline, who is a big animal lover and already has experience rescuing dogs, flew to Bulgaria five years ago to adopt Metcho.

Metcho has since been destroyed


Caroline Fischer)

The handler, who lives with her brother Richard, said Metcho had only been aggressive towards another dog once before and never expected him to turn on her.

Caroline had just returned from a 48-hour journey to Berlin but was delayed by a further two days when easyJet canceled her flight amid the current travel chaos.

Now she thinks the excitement of returning home and being over-stimulated may have sparked metcho.

“I was in Berlin and was only supposed to be away for two days but got caught up in the travel chaos when easyJet canceled our flight and we were stuck out there for two more days.”

The ordeal not only left her badly hurt, but also devastated by the loss of her beloved pet.

But her brother Richard said the trauma was only pulled out by police, who told the family “it’s not an emergency” – before demanding £1,200 to euthanize the animal.

He said: “All that bothered her was that the dog was in the house.

Metcho had not previously been aggressive towards Caroline


Caroline Fischer)

“They said it wasn’t a priority.

“I had the dog in the back garden but I was afraid he might escape over the fence.

“We must have called 50 different phone numbers.

“The dog warden said they would only come out if social services called them, they said for their own health and safety they would not come out to a dangerous dog like this.

“Police finally called back on Sunday afternoon and said we saw your sister, we know how bad the attack is, we will get the ball rolling.

She will need both muscle and skin grafts after her tendons are exposed


Caroline Fischer)

“The copper that came was actually really good, to be fair, he said, ‘I can’t believe it took that long.’

“But they tried to charge me £1,200 to euthanize the dog and they asked me if I could get rid of the body.

“I said, ‘How am I going to do this, it’s not about just digging a hole in your yard, how am I going to get rid of an 80kg dog that basically just ate my sister?'”

The dog was eventually euthanized on Sunday night after Richard was forced to stay upstairs and eat out every night for three days while Metcho was locked in the kitchen.

Arriving at the scene, Richard said: “There was nothing, the dog had eaten all the flesh and blood off the floor, it had literally been cleaning the house.

“When I arrived it looked like globs of jelly, there was meat and grease all over the door, the white PVC door was more red than white.

“Some people have said their injuries are like a shark bite.”

It could be months before Caroline recovers from her horrific injuries


Caroline Fischer)

Now the family has launched one GoFundMe To help Caroline financially as she will only receive two weeks of paid sick leave, although the doctors cannot predict how long she will be in the hospital.

The family is also calling for answers and better equipment from police and services to deal with dangerous dogs and dog attacks.

Richard said: “It was like some of them had no idea, some sounded like they weren’t bothered, the RSPCA just said we’re a charity, we don’t care.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We were alerted to an attack on Raymond Avenue in Blackpool at 4.05pm on 9 June.

Caroline’s family has now started a GoFundMe to help her through this time


Caroline Fischer)

“It was reported that a woman in her 30s had been bitten by a dog and suffered leg and arm injuries. She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries to her arm.

“The dog was determined to be in the backyard of the property and was under the control of one of its owners and therefore posed no immediate threat to the public.

“After consultation with the owners, the dog has now been destroyed.”

To donate to Caroline’s fundraiser, click here.

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