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Whether you’re a fan of blockchain and NFTs, or more commonly hesitant to trust anything blockchain-related, you might even be curious to find out in what state Ember Sword is in. If you follow Ember Swordor you have joined us for ours Ember Sword Spotlight episodes of MMONFT, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Bright Star has lived up to their promise to release their first technical test. As this Technical Test is only available to landowners and badge holders, it is clear that this first foray into Solarwood country will not be available to everyone. Luckily I was able to dive into the game for a while to see what state it was in Ember Sword is present at her first public test.

If you don’t know the title Ember Sword is a RuneScape-like MMORPG in which players can craft, battle and sell items, some of which will be items from NFT, in a robust player-controlled economy. After several rounds of extremely successful property sales, Ember Sword opened up the opportunity for potential players to apply for land, and those not selected to purchase land could choose to purchase a badge, giving players access to pre-alpha (like the technical test) and all further grants development levels, in addition to a plethora of Ember Tokens that depend on the level of the badge purchased.

Do I have to spend all these digital moneyz?!

It’s important to clarify Ember Sword aims to be released as a free game and these purchases will not be required to actually play the game when it is released. For now, though, if you want to get in early, you’ll need to be one of the lucky few to buy land or a token direct from Bright Star, or you’ll have to deal with the very active NFT sellers on sites like OpenSea and TokenTrove, where land and tokens Can cost hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars (in Ethereum).


As the owner of a small property, I was able to get in Ember Sword when the technical test went live. This wasn’t my first technical test, and in fact, this wasn’t even the first time I played Ember Sword. My experience was very different from the last test. The main purpose of the current test was stability, or at least that’s what I assumed from my short time in the game. Most functions, such as combat, were not available, but gathering and crafting were, and consumables were also usable, although not essential.

The world was cartoonish and alive, just like the offline demo I tried, and I still really like the art style Ember Sword Story with some underlying, darker content as the world of Thanabus is meant to be full of ancient technological relics, monsters and outlaw camps. Very little of this was evident from the content I ran through during the Technical Test. As I ran through farms, picking up carrots and pumpkins, and traversing the forests, stopping to smell (or pick) the flowers, it felt like I was playing a tranquil farming sim.


There were some obvious errors. For example, I could walk on water and sometimes fall through a piece of ground. Most of the large items I wanted to harvest like rocks and trees had very long cooldowns. Since I was part of the first group of players to join the world, there were a lot of people fighting for resources (metaphorically combat was disabled) so they could test the crafting system. Whether you were crafting or just harvesting, there was a simple skill-based system that allowed you to level up and then harvest more complex items. Up until level 5 I had to harvest carrots in order to be able to harvest my first pumpkin.

Why can’t I kill all things?

Everything was inherently simplistic, which makes sense since this is technically a pre-alpha test. Many quality of life features and tooltips were missing, and after about an hour, most of which I spent chatting with others about how to complete basic tasks, I pretty much got the gist of it. I reached out to Bright Star for clarification on what players should expect from the test and what exactly they are looking for. Here are a few questions I asked and the answers they gave:

MMORPG: Can you explain the scope of the test at the moment and what kind of feedback do you expect from the players?

Ember Sword Team: The goal of this pre-alpha technical test is to gather as much information as possible. This helps us a lot to optimize the game engine and server to ensure the game runs smoothly.

It is also very important to note that the technical test is in no way a finished version of the game. Like many other similar tests, its purpose is to examine different systems, e.g. B. online connectivity. Remember that Ember Sword is an MMORPG that runs entirely in the browser – and connects with one click in less than five seconds. This is just a small sample of what will come in the next stages of development of our game.

Where a more traditional MMO is developed behind closed doors for five years before anything is revealed to the public, Ember Sword takes a slightly different approach. We plan to test our technology and features together with our passionate community and use the collected feedback to advance the game. This allows us to properly engage with our community and build the best game possible.

MMORPG: Are there other abilities like combat that aren’t covered by this test, and are there any features that were intentionally disabled for this test? Let’s start with the latest build?

Ember Sword Team: Yes, there are many more systems in development, but we want to make sure we have a solid foundation before we start testing these systems with our community.

Several functions were deactivated for the first test. One of them is Combat. We know people are really looking forward to this, but we want to be sure we’re delivering a good baseline experience before we start getting user input from our community. Our intention is to convey clearly what the intended combat system will be and we will introduce this in a later phase of testing.

MMORPG: How big does the technical test range compare to what players can expect from Solarwood when it launches?

Ember Sword Team: Our technical test area is very small for this early phase. Over time we will add more land to Solarwood until we have built the entire region.

MMORPG: The technical test will be available in limited play sessions throughout the month. Will the scope of testing or features change during each session?

Ember Sword Team: For this test suite, we will only increase user scaling and not features. Subsequent tests will let more players in and increase server pressure more aggressively. As with most tests, we assume that the server will crash if we reach a large number of players. Because the denser a group of players is, the harder the server has to work.

It’s good for us to know where these limits are to ensure that we can provide a smooth and reliable gaming experience later on.

Technical test successful, right?

Overall, the technical test was about what I expected. I was a little surprised to see that combat was disabled since my previous offline demo test had a robust, MOBA-like combat system that was responsive and quite entertaining. I was really looking for an expansion of this system, but unlike the offline demo, in this tech review I had the opportunity to take a look at some of the gear and consumables that the game will have. As someone who has participated in many technical tests over the years, that’s the only real indication of it Ember Sword Test was a success will depend entirely on what happens when the game enters its next testing phase.


It’s clear that the Bright Star team is looking for metrics and data on stability as they evolve. Things will change as development progresses, but it’s important to keep this test in mind. Progress is progress, and I have no doubt that players will use this test as a yardstick against which to measure each of the ongoing stages of development going forward.

*the author of this article holds 1 plot of land that allowed him to access this test The Ember Sword Technical Test: Our What It’s All About Preview | MMONFT

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