The EU needs to sit down and say: “Enough bloodshed”, says MEP Clare Daly

Dublin MEP Clare Daly has doubled down on her criticism of the West for angering Russia.

He said his policy of now supplying arms to untrained Ukrainians was “suicidal folly”.
The socialist politician was confronted on the radio today with excerpts from a recent podcast with colleague Mick Wallace, in which she said: “I don’t think Russia wants to invade Ukraine willingly.”

She said at the time that such a notion had been drummed up in the West and was “simply not factually correct”.

Today on RTE Radio 1’s This Week she admitted she was wrong when she said that Russia’s mass accumulation of tanks and troops had “protected her turf”.

Ms Daly said she and Mick Wallace “weren’t the only ones who thought Russia wasn’t going to invade. (President) Zelenskyy and most of the Ukrainian population did not think that Russia would invade – and neither did the majority of Western powers.”

The attack was unjustifiable, she said, but portraying Vladimir Putin as a “maniac” doesn’t help when the US and NATO have spent eight years destabilizing the situation, she claimed.

She said she and Mr Wallace had “absolutely unequivocally condemned” the attack on Ukraine, despite voting with just 11 others against a European Parliament motion censuring Russia. The motion received 637 votes in support.

Russia has been harassed by the West “for years”, Ms Daly said, but “I have clear evidence on record that this (the invasion) is unjustifiable,” she told interviewer Justin McCarthy.

“If we don’t realize how we got here, we can’t get out,” she added.

She said RTE was selectively quoting from the podcast, which also featured Mick Wallace saying that people in the West had been “fed a line” by the mainstream media.

The narrative was that the invasion was the act of a despot, she said, but the situation wasn’t really about the creation of heroes and villains.

Zelenskyi has been prevented from implementing the Minsk-2 accords by internal forces, she claimed, and a solution requires Ukrainian agreement “that some form of neutrality should be considered” going forward.

Instead, the West was irresponsible, supplying arms to untrained volunteers to be used against Russian forces, which amounted to “fighting an army when it can’t win”.

It was utter nonsense to say she was pro-Russian, she told Mr McCarthy, who suggested it to her. She added that she was not anti-American.

“There are millions of Americans who oppose US imperialism. We work with Veterans for Peace.” She condemned US “hypocrisy” when it had “blood on its hands” for armed interventions in other parts of the world.

“I think Ukraine should support the idea of ​​a ceasefire,” she said. “What I am asking for is an end to the war. Why can’t we support peace?

“The EU needs to sit down at the table and say ‘enough bloodshed’,” she said, adding that sanctions won’t work because “there is no evidence anywhere” that they have had in the past.

They would only increase the suffering of ordinary Russian citizens, and then ordinary European citizens in turn, she argued.

“What I support is a cessation of hostilities.”

Russia has real security concerns that need to be addressed, Ms Daly added. She noted that the US dollar has appreciated sharply against the euro in light of the events.

What isn’t right is the increase in arms shipments to Ukraine and NATO’s acceleration of arms shipments, she said, although “well-intentioned” Irish people may see this as supporting an outsider.

NATO would not put boots on the ground or intervene in the skies, but was happy to put guns in the hands of young Ukrainian volunteers who were expected to use them without being properly trained.

“This is utter madness,” said Ms Daly.

“Europe should intervene to negotiate an end to the war and peace.” The EU needs to sit down and say: “Enough bloodshed”, says MEP Clare Daly

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