The fact that we chose America over Russia is simple pragmatism


There have been many comments and letters about Ukraine in the past two weeks. I personally believe that Nato should react and continue to attack Putin but my opinion is based on pragmatism as much as it is moral.

The circles of right and wrong on moral grounds are irrelevant because in the real world “could be right”.

We may not like it but it is a fact of life that powerful and powerful military nations declare war for personal gain.

We can make a moral opinion on the ability of Russia and the US to wage war but the reality is that Ireland cannot afford to take a position against both on moral grounds.

Ireland allows American military planes to stop and refuel in Shannon because if we don’t go with them we are up against them.

If we fight them we can forget about the many good jobs their pharmaceutical and technology industries have to offer.

In this latest conflict, on one side is the Russian dictatorship, who has declared their ultimate intention to invade all of Europe by invading Ukraine.

On the other side, we have a Western liberal democratic way of life.

Incompatible with the other.

It all depends on making a pragmatic decision to side with one side or the other based on what is best for us and future generations to come.

Anthony McGeough

Dublin 24

Ukraine must accept Putin’s demands – until he leaves

MAURICE O’Callaghan (‘There are so many reasons why sanctions won’t hurt Russia’, LettersMarch 8) paints a terrifying but true picture of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s capabilities.

To end the conflict in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky of that invincible nation must cede two disputed regions inhabited by Russia on the border and on the Crimean peninsula.

It must also agree not to join NATO or the EU because, in fact and in reality, Putin has the aces and territory in his hands and is ready to use whatever force is necessary to achieve it. your unmissable goal.

The West will not impose no-fly zones out of genuine concern about escalating a situation that could easily become nuclear.

The situation in Ukraine is a problem now, like that of Nikita Khrushchev in Cuba in 1962.

Like it or not, Ukraine’s leaders must accept reality and make concessions to Russia, and then its borders and security are guaranteed by the West and especially the United Nations as much as possible.

Ukrainian refugees will be able to return to their home countries, Ukraine’s damaged infrastructure will be repaired and, finally, when Putin becomes history, Ukraine can try to become an EU member and the union. deeper integration with the West. That is simply not possible at the moment with the current autocrat in power in the Kremlin.

Dominic Shelmerdine

London, England

Leaflets from a great height will inform the Russians

IT To be It is reasonable to assume that the general population of Russia is being kept in the dark about what is really happening in Ukraine. Russian newspapers and radio and television stations are clearly restricted in what they are allowed to broadcast.

What if all European nations and NATO agreed on a simple A4 flyer about what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine and dropped tens of millions of people from high altitude planes? Russia and let gravity do the rest.

Maybe it will lead to some anti-Putin reaction from his own people.

Des McCormack

Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

The state has a moral obligation to put an end to our myth of neutrality

A few weeks ago before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it seemed like a long time ago, I wrote to your worthy newspaper about the myth of our neutrality.

Since the majority of published letters are of a placid nature, I did not expect my letter to be published and my expectations were not falsified.

Today, of course, the predators have sunk into their silence, head in the sand, hoping no one notices them. It is unusual, however, that some of them have emerged as defenders of State neutrality.

Some of your journalists have written about the unsustainability of this myth. But, and this is the nub, I believe most people believe that we are neutral and proud of it. I call these people cowards.

I also offend the self-proclaimed Christians who hide behind indomitable indifference to the suffering, if not carnage, of innocent people – Ukrainians, Jews, Palestinian.

Do we have a moral responsibility to help those in need or just help ourselves until there is no more help or hope left for us?

Liam Harrington

Castletownbere, Co Cork The fact that we chose America over Russia is simple pragmatism

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