The former coal dealer wins a big prize in the zip code lottery a year after narrowly escaping death

Former coal trader David John Price, from Rhymney, Wales, had been hit hard by the cost of living crisis and almost died last year when he won £185,000 in the Postcode lottery

Happy neighbors from Pen-Y-Dre in Rhymney took home most of the prize after their postcode was named the big winner
Happy neighbors from Pen-Y-Dre in Rhymney took home most of the prize after their postcode was named the big winner

A former coal dealer who spent weeks in intensive care with sepsis last year says he’ll never have to worry about how much is on the electricity meter again after winning £185,000 in the postcode lottery.

David John Price, 65, says he was “never a happy man” and lost his sister and son nine years ago before being struck by Covid-19 and sepsis.

His health deteriorated so much that his family’s doctors told them to say goodbye to him while he lay unconscious in bed.

But now his life has changed after winning a share of a multi-million pound jackpot.

“It was bad – really, really bad,” David said Wales Online from his humble home in Rhymney with his beloved puppy Charles and niece Emma Taylor.

David John Price has won £185,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery


John Myers)

On this quiet and unassuming street of former council houses south of Merthyr Tydfil, which residents describe as ‘largely forgotten’, nine people have won a total of £2.8million in the Postcode Lottery.

“It’s about time something good happened to the people here,” roared neighbor Linda Greenway, taking a break from trimming the hedges of her manicured front yard.

“You all absolutely deserve it.”

On May 28th, 435 local residents each won a share of a larger jackpot of £3.7 million.

David John Price, Emma Taylor and dog Charles/Charlie


John Myers)

After what David has been through, no one could begrudge him a portion of happiness and he couldn’t be happier. “

He said: “This is the best time of my life — definitely,” admitting the news still hasn’t gotten across.

David added: “It’s been a tough time over the past few years.

“I had a triple bypass, I was in and out of the heart failure clinic in Mountain Ash, then I got Covid and sepsis which they thought killed me.

“I went in with 20 stone and came out with 13 stone.”

Niece Emma said: “We got the call to come in and say goodbye to him in intensive care.

“We had all prepared for the worst. They told us how lucky he was to get away with it.”

David John Price was hospitalized a year ago with sepsis, which doctors thought would kill him, he said


David John Price)

She described the moment he opened his envelope in front of praising neighbors this week as “absolutely amazing”.

“We were all with him and everyone was watching from both sides of the street,” she recalls, gesturing excitedly outside.

“I sprayed him with angina spray and tried to keep him calm.

“He didn’t sleep the night before thinking about how much he might have won. I just cried the whole time when he opened the envelope out there, I had to come in and take a break.

“Honestly, I didn’t think that could happen to the people here. I’ll put mine on now and hope New Tredegar comes out!”

People living on this quiet street in Rhymney have won a total of £2.8million


John Myers)

David admitted he initially assumed the call about winning the lottery was a scam.

He said: “I thought it was one of those scams – it was like someone messing with me.

“I invited my daughter-in-law to have a three-way chat with them to see what she thinks.

“When she realized it was true, she started screaming and I couldn’t stop shaking.

“They said they could not reveal any more information until I opened the envelope the next day.

“When I saw her outside and all the people on the street, I started shaking.

“I slowly pulled the card out of the envelope and saw 185 and thought I had won £185.

“Well, when I saw the three zeros, that was it. To be honest, I just started crying.”

Mary Brooks says the money will completely change her life


John Myers)

Before the win, David said he was struggling to make ends meet.

He said: “I worked hard but I never had much money. I have one of these counters and put £20 on each one.

“I really have to think twice before turning on the heating. I would put it on briefly at 8 p.m. in the evening, but then it goes out.

“Gas and electricity are up £700 – I’ve been struggling.

“To think that I could put £200 or even a thousand pounds in that meter and not have to deal with it – it’s a lot to take in, to be honest.

“I’ve never seen so much money, I never thought about having so much money.”

Linda Greenway says she couldn’t be happier for her neighbors


John Myers)

Linda Greenway, whose sister-in-law and nephew also got £3,000 each, has been living on the streets for 39 years.

She said watching her neighbors receive the money was a moment she will never forget.

“We’ve never experienced anything like this before,” she said.

“By the time they got outside and saw how much they had won, word had gotten around what was happening and a lot of people were watching, but no one realized how much money it was until they opened the envelopes.

“When Ted pulled out the second one, I was like, ‘Oh my god.’

“It was brilliant because Ted is such a nice, kind and hardworking person.

“Like anyone else who won on the road. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of people.”

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