The four major changes coming with Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is here and with it a ton of changes to the game.

While some are superficial in nature – some number changes here, a range change there – there are also a handful of major changes to the core game that all affect heavily.

Overwatch 2 is here and it brings some major changes


Overwatch 2 is here and it brings some major changesPhoto credit: Blizzard

From passive perks for each role, to switching from loot boxes to a battle pass system, to complete character makeovers, here they are The most important changes for Overwatch 2.

battle pass

The biggest change for Overwatch 2 is the Battle Pass system.

Loot boxes are no more – instead, players progress along a Battle Pass system, unlocking rewards as they progress.

Additionally, all future new heroes will be unlocked exclusively through the Battle Pass.

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That means players need to reach level 55 out of 80 to unlock heroes like Kiriko.

However, the new heroes from the Battle Pass will not be available for use in competitive play, so it won’t be the end of the world if they aren’t unlocked right away.

Team size reduced

Correct – instead of a team of six, there is now a team of five.

One tank, two supports and two DPS, and to compensate they gave all tanks a small bulkiness buff.

With one less player on the field, however, it means teamfights are a little less frenetic – and losing a member to a stray skirmish is far more consequential.

As a result, duels and skirmishes will be much more important, and characters that excel in 1v1 or 1v2 scenarios will feel a little more powerful.

Passive roles

Role Passives are new passive abilities that activate under specific circumstances for each role.

These fundamentally change the game, even if the benefits may seem small.

Overwatch 2 adds additional passive abilities for each role


Overwatch 2 adds additional passive abilities for each rolePhoto credit: Blizzard

damage dealersecuring a kill grants them increased movement and reload speed, ultimately resulting in more damage on the board.

In addition, when a DPS character switches to another, he retains up to 30% of the ultimate gauge generated.

healer gain a passive healing buff when not taking damage.

This allows heroes like Ana, who rely on health pickups and their own healing tools, to stay in battle stance longer.

tank are knocked back much less, with about 30% more knockback resistance.

They also grant enemies a much slower ultimate gauge, 50% less than other targets.

Hero Reworks

While many Overwatch heroes are mostly unchanged with the exception of some minor number adjustments, there are a few heroes that have undergone major changes (or been completely changed): Bastion, Orisa, Cassidy, and Doomfist.

A number of heroes have received major overhauls in Overwatch 2


A number of heroes have received major overhauls in Overwatch 2

bastion is now much more mobile and gains Tank Mobility as an active, non-ultimate ability.

Her ultimate now turns her into a mortar unit that can fire long-range shells but remains completely stationary for the entire duration.

OrissaCompleting her transformation into a more aggressive tank is her new kit – a ranged spear that can pin enemies to walls, Javelin Spin that obliterates projectiles and deals damage, and Terra Surge that pulls all enemies close to it and deals damage when the effect ends.

CassidyThe only real change from is the removal of Flash Bang, which has been replaced by Magnetic Grenade, which sticks to targets and explodes a bit later.

doom fist has been changed quite a bit – Doomfist is no longer a DPS hero, but a tank that loses his signature uppercut and gains a shield ability instead.

His damage output has been greatly reduced, but his ultimate still deals heavy damage to anyone hit by the blast.

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