The great thing inside: it’s a real pleasure to stay inside and do nothing on a sunny day

We are in a mini heat wave and this is something to be taken seriously.

It’s serious because this is Ireland and everyone knows nice weather is limited during the summer months – like oil or Ireland’s recent Eurovision Song Contest win.

And so we feel like we have to make the best of it; come at our expense and stuff as many summery things as possible into these days.

A hot mid-summer day in Ireland can feel a bit like the weather to match visiting an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. We want everything at once. And twice.

We’re going to be like Alan Partridge with his 12 inch record. Determined to make up for all the average, restaurant-sized portions we’ve had to endure our adult lives.

Or, with this weather, catching up on all those overcast holidays we spent wearing a Gortex windbreaker and paddling in icy waters on a deserted shore. So when the sun arrives we have zero cold.

This week there were articles excitedly informing us that Maynooth is hotter than Mexico City and Clontarf is sweatier than the Canary Islands. These news reports confirm that we are finally victorious in the game of weather supremacy! Surely the people of Mexico City will wake up, look at the thermometer, shake their heads sadly and say, ‘If only we were in Maynooth.’

Men suddenly start walking around town without tops. Families arrive at beaches decked out with collapsible dinghies and hundreds of crushed tinfoil sandwiches. There are day trips and lists that tell us what to do and when.

As a result, these days tend to induce a sun-inspired high in me. On Sunday I ate a waffle for breakfast, went swimming and then to a park and then to a farmer’s market, then I had ice cream. I’ve seriously debated whether an inflatable paddleboard is a sound investment. At this point it was 11:30 am.

‘What else can we do today?’ I asked. “We have to make the best of the good weather. What if this is the only sunny day all summer? What if it rains the rest of July and all of August?’

I was determined to stay out. Another bath? Maybe we could make a grill out of some twigs? Or build a water slide out of discarded garbage bags?

But then one of our kids spoke up, they were fed up with being twirled around in the heat. It was too hot and too bright. She wanted to go home.

After some bargaining, which she ultimately (and inevitably) won, we returned to our house and spent the afternoon in a darkened room watching YouTube videos of a T-Rex singing pop songs, and then we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

At first it felt outrageous to be stuck inside – outside was lovely, we missed something.

But after a while, the FOMO died down and the appeal started to grow. It was chilly inside, and besides, Benedict Cumberbatch is a very funny Grinch.

It’s a decadent delight to have nothing to do indoors on a summer’s day. Hiding from the bright light, watching TV, avoiding all hunger for sun.

A few years ago, “Niksen” replaced hygge as the new trending lifestyle craze.

The Dutch term celebrated doing nothing or doing something without benefit. It moved away from the concept that “time is money and you should show something for your time – either get work done or improve yourself”.

It’s easy to be cynical about this kind of weirdness, but there’s an art, and sometimes even an advantage, in sitting around in your pants and being bone lazy.

Switching off requires discipline. But once you master it, you’ll realize how much fun it is to eat a whole pack of icebergs while curled up like a sloth on your kitchen floor.

If you assume and accept that you’re doing squats, there’s no pressure to prove yourself. You stop trying to judge the enjoyment of your day with a fun summer checklist. Instead, assess how you feel at the end of the day. And I felt relaxed, if a bit sick from all the ice.

I wouldn’t advise spending all summer watching kids’ YouTube videos. But making a commitment to doing absolutely nothing on a sun-drenched day might just be the best way to spend it.

Choose Friends over BFFs…

Ride or Die female friendships seem to be the focus of so many female TV shows, movies and books. in the friends, girl, And just like that, All I Know About Love – it’s all about those intense female bonds that stand the test of time.

But in her new book BFF The Truth About Female Friendships Author Claire Cohen discusses the “cultivation” of the “Best Friend Forever” narrative that women are sold to and how limiting it can be. She argues that this starts at school; While young boys are encouraged to participate in larger social circles, girls feel pressure to bond with “a soulmate who you can tell all your secrets and who always has your back.” This repeats itself throughout our lives, she says, from the Spice Girls telling us friendship never ends to modern-day movie arcs.

But after interviewing many women for her book, Cohen says that’s not the case. Most friendships end—especially those from elementary or high school. And those breakups can be very painful and drawn out and lonely (Adele doesn’t have as many songs about breaking female friendships as she does about romantic ones). Rather than pinning all of your friendship requirements to one person, it’s far better to have a variety of friends and be aware of their strengths and limitations. With some you can tell all the details of your private life, with others you will only have micro-talks about movies. Everything comes together in a kind of friendship hodgepodge.

I love this idea, not only because the more friends the better (especially when planning a party), but it also takes the pressure off of each other. More friends, fewer BFFs.

The season of overalls


Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan reunite for Neighbors. Photo: Channel 5/PA

It looks like this July and August will be the summer of overalls. Yesterday new pictures of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan on the set of Neighbors were released, and Kylie is back as Charlene Mitchell in her mechanic’s overalls.

Arguably the world’s biggest advocate for overalls, presenter Anneka Rice is also back on British television and has turned her favorite look on its head. She says a jumpsuit is the ultimate sexy ensemble for middle-aged women, although she admits pants are more practical. “It’s easier to go to the bathroom,” she says. A sobering realization that any person in a jumpsuit will come to when they’re down three drinks in one night. The great thing inside: it’s a real pleasure to stay inside and do nothing on a sunny day

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