The Horizon Forbidden West patch fixes some issues related to crashes, graphics, main quests, etc.


A patch for Forbidden Horizon in the West has been released and it fixes some of the crashes and issues that players have reported.

Some issues have been resolved but others remain, including graphics issues with screen flicker, sharpness, and saturation. In the meantime, the Guerrillas continued to investigate these matters.

It should be noted that some patch notes and known issues may contain vandals. You have been warned. If this is not relevant to you, read on.

Some players have reported that Firegleam symbols are not removed from the map after interacting with them, and the side quest ‘Break Even’ can sometimes result in not being able to talk to Porguf while Talanah is in the game. Camp Nowhere, block the progress of this. mission. Both issues are also under consideration.

There have been cases where the track “The World on Her Shoulders” repeats continuously during playback. A fix has been included in this patch to prevent this issue from occurring to players who haven’t encountered it during gameplay. The team is still working on a fix for players who are currently experiencing this issue.

Failure to reach 100% in Game Progress menu is also under investigation.

As far as fixes go, a lot of both main and side quest issues have been resolved, as well as world operations. Haptic feedback when standing next to a campfire and when moving quickly, if the Vibration intensity slider is set to 0, has been removed and some stability and graphics issues have been fixed.

Full patch notes below.

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.06

Repairs and improvements

The main task

  • Fixed an issue in the ‘Reach to the Stars’ main quest where Varl could get stuck while swimming, leading to missing reminders [Examine the Machine Carcass] at the location where Glinthawk is seen, thus preventing further progress.
  • Fixed an issue in the ‘Reach to the Stars’ main quest where Varl would teleport after the Focus scan instruction.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘Reach for the Stars’ where Aloy could get stuck in the falling animation when she grabbed a collapsing climbing point and used the Pullcaster on Grapple Point at the same time .
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘Reach for the Stars’ where there was a sudden change in sunlight when Aloy was passing a certain point inside the space shuttle tower.
  • Fixed an issue in the ‘Door of Death’ main quest where reloading from certain saves would cause the Firegleam explosion to replay.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘The Dying Lands’ where Aloy and her companions would snow while inside the cauldron.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘The Broken Sky’ where Kotallo could sometimes get distracted and stray from the quest in progress, which could interfere with further progress.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Broken Sky’ main quest where Aloy would be placed in an unexpected pose when reloading a certain save.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Kulrut’ main quest where a target marker was leading to a blocked path.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘Seeds of the Past’ where Alva was sometimes unable to access the console, blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘Seeds of the Past’ where reloading the save after killing the machine outside the Elm test station would spawn Aloy stuck on the floor.
  • Fixed an issue in the main quest ‘Singularity’ where reloading a certain save would cause a certain line of dialogue to play back incorrectly.


  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Blood Choke’ sidequest where Atekka would not move into position when needed, thus blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Promontory’ sidequest where reloading from a save after the ‘Bridge Investigation’ objective would send the player into the Plainsong.
  • Increased vigilance for the machines in the “Wound in the Sand” sidequest, so that they no longer immediately fall into a suspicious state when reloading from a certain save.
  • Fixed an issue in the “A Tribe Apart” sidequest where reloading a save created after opening the metal flower at Riverwatch would cause the vines to respawn.

Activities in the world

  • Fixed an infinite black screen issue that would occur after accumulating a Champion’s Spear and then starting any Tutorial or Challenge in a Chainscrape Melee Pit or a fixed loading challenge in the Arena .
  • Fixed an issue in Cauldron Mu where a platformer at the end of the cauldron could stream late, leaving players stuck underneath.
  • Fixed an issue in The Stillsands: Pristine Bellowback rescue contract where the machine corpse was incorrectly spawned when reloading from the save after defeating the machine.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where the player could no longer attack after choosing to repeat instructions regarding the unit’s combat strength.
  • Fixed an issue in Machine Strike where the compass would appear on screen after a player retryed a match they lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading wild screen could pop up when in the Arena menu, after returning from a challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where scavengers would not appear after killing other machines in certain habitats.
  • Fixed an issue with dome view where icons would not display correctly after reloading the save.
  • Fixed an issue in Rescue Contracts: Lost items where quests could not be completed under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the “The World on Her Shoulders” track repeating if the player used the fast-travel feature after climbing the Signal Tower. Please note that this is not fixed for players who have experienced this issue, we are investigating a separate fix for this issue.


  • Haptic feedback is removed when standing next to a campfire and when moving quickly if the Vibration intensity slider is set to 0.
  • Fixed an issue where Vista images would appear before the Black Box collection in the menu.


  • Fixed many instances of world objects appearing distinctly between different levels of detail.
  • Fixed an issue in Photo Mode where parts of Aloy’s outfit and body would be blurred in certain poses.
  • Improved visual distinction of attack and movement stats in Machine Strike.
  • Fixed an aesthetic issue with underwater cubemaps.
  • Fixed an issue where a blurred artifact was visible around the Heavy Crossbow when using it in combat.
  • Fixed some cases of camera shake and unintentional operation.
  • Some craftable quest items had incorrect models in the workbench interface, these have now been replaced with final assets.
  • Fixed an issue with Parallax Mapped Foam by removing the variable height scale to have a constant value; when the initial dynamic input value is too high, it starts separating the parallax layers. To overcome the annoying separation of layers at a glance, height scaling is set according to a bit of new channel-based logic.
  • Fixed some cases of NPCs in settlements not displaying the correct level of detail when playing the PS4 version of the game.
  • Fixed an issue in the Chainscrape pub where moving the camera in a certain position would cause a sudden change in lighting.
  • Improved ambient noise reduction on the screen.
  • Reduces the intensity of the screen blur effect when activating Valor Surges and when Aloy has low health.

Performance and stability

  • Many bug fixes.
  • Fixed a lot of content that will appear or play directly in the movies.
  • Fixed some unintentional loading screens/black screens that would trigger at specific times.


  • Aloy won’t talk about his hoarding as often as before.
  • Many localization fixes and text alignment fixes.
  • Many visual and audio enhancements to movie clips.
  • Fixed an issue where Aloy would freeze in a specific pose when switching weapons during a heavy melee attack.
  • Fixed an issue where remapping the controls for Main Fire to R1 would prevent players from throwing stones.
  • The impact of the spear when using ‘Strike From Above’ without sound effects has now been added.
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose control of Aloy if sprinting and sliding into the water at a specific point in the ruins north of Landfall.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera in the ending credits.
  • Fixed some cases of mounts acting erratically in specific locations while on the road. The Horizon Forbidden West patch fixes some issues related to crashes, graphics, main quests, etc.

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