The Hyperledger Foundation provides new versions of three blockchain tools to improve the ecosystem

Enterprise blockchain firm Hyperledger Foundation has announced the development and release of three roadmap projects: Cactus 1.0, FireFly 1.0, and a Long-Term Support (LTS) preview of Iroha 2.0.

Under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger supports an ecosystem of fourteen distributed ledgers. The use of the three technological tools is intended to support consumers and companies in the areas of blockchain, web3 and decentralized applications (DApps).

Hyperledger Foundation Executive Director Daniela Barbosa stated that these achievements reflect the “high development momentum across the Hyperledger community as well as the increasing maturity of the enterprise blockchain market,” before stating:

“The core value of the enterprise blockchain has proven itself across industries, and our global and growing community is now building a rich ecosystem that will fuel the next wave of interconnected, interoperable solutions.”

The annual Hyperledger Global Forum (HGF) conference begins September 12th and runs through September 14th in Dublin, Ireland and welcomes some of the leading developers and participants in the Hyperledger community.

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