The importance of empathy has been lost for Harry and Meghan

Everyone loves a good love story – to some extent.

o expect anyone outside the love circle to be as interested or invested as someone inside it is either ignorant or self-interested.

And after six o’clock Harry & Meghanit looks like this couple might be suffering a little bit of both.

The other thing about a love story is that just because you meet someone you think is special – and they make you feel special – it doesn’t really make either person special.

It’s not a superpower that makes other people fall in love with you — and this is something Harry and Meghan seem to have forgotten. Or perhaps they never knew it.

The problem is that Harry thinks he’s never been treated important enough

If the Sussexes’ documentaries had been shorter, their nagging self-esteem might not have been so painful – but in six episodes, it’s inevitable.

It is not beautiful. And there is every possibility that it backfires.

They spoke out ‘their truth’ – and in explaining the racist attitude towards Meghan, how her mental health has suffered and even when reminding us that royals How passionate the British are, they are very sympathetic.

However, the fact that they continue to insist that they are amazing and that everyone should love them ends up being a bit confusing.

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Princess Diana with her sons William and Harry in May 1995

Repeatingly framing their time together as a ‘love story’ is self-aggravating and upsetting.

They’re basically a couple who value their every move and expect everyone else to accept that they really do matter.

They could barely scratch without capturing it in the photo and adding the explanatory voiceover as a bonus.

In another part, at the end of the ‘parting week’ with royal duties, the couple unpacked their belongings to prepare for their big move. We looked at a series of black and white photos of a couple looking for something they had left in a box. If you’ve ever moved house, you know the story.

Video of the day

It’s important to you, but not to anyone else – but Meghan sees it as “an opportunity to look back at our whole love story”.

Nothing too trivial to include — an explanation of how you hire a nanny, how childcare works, a conversation with Tyler Perry about the property he lent them, booking a plane ticket. fly…

If someone you know is sharing this, you’ll encourage them to keep going. Or at least to check their perks.

However, what becomes clear in the second season of the Netflix series is that Harry has no view of his privilege and an inability to regulate his sense of entitlement.

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Harry and Meghan in March 2020

He may always feel like a ‘spare’, but he is always treated like a very important person.

The problem is that Harry thinks he’s never been treated important enough. Then he meets Meghan – and he feels she has never been treated important enough either.

Harry’s view of his family’s treatment of his wife is that “they” envy the Sussexes for doing a “better” job.

The “last name” in this case is at least William and Kate, and possibly King Charles as well.

There was no doubt a bit of trickery, maybe even jealousy, as Harry’s new post-marital order began to change the status quo – but given time it could settle.

People don’t always need to be best friends, but things could have been made to rub off without friction. Probably.

There’s no denying Meghan had a rough time in that family. And the series reminds us that royal arrangements are extremely strange.

Meghan took notice as soon as she observed that major problems occur when family relationships coexist alongside the “family business”.

And, as Harry said, some people in that business are valued more than others – a fact that may have always annoyed him, but angered him when Meghan became part of the picture. painting.

Harry drew a lot of lines between himself and his brother

The second trilogy in six episodes of Harry & Meghan see family rifts become final.

Like an assailant unaccustomed to violence, Harry made some hesitant stabs in the first few episodes. But in the second third, he made it.

Harry described being “appalled” when his brother William “screamed and yelled at” him during their Megxit summit with the current King Charles and the late Queen Elizabeth in Sandringham.

In addition, when discussing how a former palace aide gave witness testimony in Meghan’s private case against a UK newspaper, they did not hesitate to suggest that William had related to the case.

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William and Harry in April 2018

In doing that, Harry drew a lot of lines between himself and his brother.

Even the moment that was filmed when Harry showed Meghan a text message sent by William after his interview with Oprah spoke of a complete disconnect from his brother.

Details of the text are not shared
— but it looks like he’s opening something private for all to see.

Oddly enough, in a series about a couple begging for compassion and understanding, they seem to have very little compassion and understanding for anyone else.

The ending of the series says it all. Apparently spontaneously, Meghan asked Harry if she should read the speech she gave at their wedding.

She pulled it up on her phone and we were allowed to see that it was her distinctive handwriting. It is a speech about fate and magic and the notion that, tied together, they are a superpower.

It was adorable and a little embarrassing – but it was a wedding speech. And unless you’re really involved, there’s nothing more boring than a wedding speech. The importance of empathy has been lost for Harry and Meghan

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