The Looker Walkthrough Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

The Looker is one of the best Puzzle and Exploration video games released in July 2022. The game is trending on Steam and has almost all positive reviews. It takes place in a block-based world, wherein the player finds themselves alone with no memory. Therefore, you must jump in to help the protagonist solve tricky puzzles, navigate landscapes, and find the way out. Finding a solution won’t be easy because The Looker has more than fifty-five creative puzzles to solve. Solving each puzzle isn’t easy; therefore, you must follow the Looker game Guide to find solutions. If you are new to the game or haven’t purchased it yet, follow the link given above.

The Looker Walkthrough Guide

It is a free-to-play Puzzle game that offers you a two-hour playthrough, and most of the parts ask you to use your wit to solve puzzles. Therefore, we have collected some tips and compiled them into our guide to help you.

Worry about Esc Menu

If you are new to the game, then you should keep in mind that the Esc menu isn’t designed to work in the way other games use. So, you must draw a red line between Star to End and select the Continue button to start or Quit to end.

Collect Ammo and Aid Kit

The game starts with a tunnel where you might find your first aid kit and ammo. Grab both things to unlock your achievements.

Visit another Side of the Tunnel

Leave your current location and approach the second end of the tunnel. Once you reach the said location, draw red lines to open the door and leave the tunnel.

Puzzle Guide

Many puzzles are easy to solve, as you aren’t forced to follow the maze in a few locations; therefore, you only need to draw a line outside the black lines to attach the Start point to the Endpoint. After that, the time will come when you head to the tough puzzle where the start and end are blocks using the lines. You must look behind the screen at that scene to discover the text “Start.” To solve the puzzle, you must draw a red line from start to end.

Besides, your next puzzle is pretty simple and requires you to follow the maze while connecting the line. Next, there are two more screens featured in a small room. Finding the solution to the first one isn’t difficult; however, the second puzzle doesn’t have any Endpoint. So, it requires you to follow the sound. Upon starting to draw a line, you must focus on a guy’s voice that will increase as you get closer to the end.

How to Solve Obelisk Puzzle?

Solving other puzzles is easy; however, you might need a guide for obelisk puzzles. The game displays you a purple-colored board with elemental symbols, and your goal is to follow the lines finding the path in the correct order.

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