The man wants the ‘damn’ tattoo removed, but it’s so bad the clinic thought it was a joke

Christian Walton has a rainbow-lettered tattoo and one of the words is misspelled, and when he got tired of having it removed, the clinic thought it was a joke

Christian Walton's bad tattoo
Christian Walton wants his tattoo removed

A man is dying to have his ‘damn’ tattoo removed, but when he asked at a clinic they thought it must have been a prank because it was so bad.

Christian Walton eventually decided to have “My First Tattoo” written on his back in rainbow letters, complete with the misspelling of the word “tattoo.”

Sales Administrator Eve appeared on the MTV hit show Just Tattoo Of Us and has since become a minor celebrity thanks to his typo tattoo.

But now Christian, 23, has had enough and wants to get rid of the ink – and on May 20 he sent a picture of it to Laserways Clinic and they thought the request must have been a joke because it was so bad.

Christian got his tattoo done by his girlfriend Megan Green


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Christian from Newcastle, Tyne and Wear said: “I just wanted to have it lasered so the colors faded a bit as they are really bright. Then I would want to cover it.

“I think they thought I had them on when I sent them a picture of them because I didn’t get a reply afterwards.

“After I posted about it on Facebook, a girl contacted me and said she was going for laser treatment the next day.

“She said she would ask for me. She said the guy thought I would take the p**s and he thought I was a competitor trying to figure out prices.

“I think it’s funny overall.

The couple didn’t fall out over the tattoo


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“Anyway, he said there was too much color in my tattoo for him to laser treat it.

“Since I wasn’t lucky enough to get an appointment, I might just let it go for now.

“Maybe I’ll keep it a bit longer before trying to cover it somewhere else.”

The tattoo was created in the hit MTV series Just Tattoo Of Us, which Christian starred in in 2018 with his then-best friend Megan Green.

Christian is fed up with the tattoo now


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Christian said: “In 2018 I applied for ‘Just Tattoo Of Us’ with my best friend Megan. I never expected to get into it, it was just a joke between us.

“We went to London, we were so involved, we were so laughable, that’s just the kind of people we are.

“The tattoo took about three and a half hours to complete.

“We saw the tattoos as fun, we didn’t trip over them or anything.

“The tattoo is definitely bigger than hand size. It goes from my neck to the middle of my back, it’s between my shoulder blades.

“My parents didn’t believe me when I told them I was on the show.

“When they first saw the tattoo, their reaction was intense. It was my first tattoo and it was so bright, big and bold.

“But I don’t think they hesitated, they just let me get on with what I want to do.”

He did it on an MTV show


Image for reference: Just Tattoo Of Us / Gobstopper TV)

“I’m sort of over it now. I consider it permanently scarred because I can’t cover it. I would have to have it lasered a few times.

“I can’t even wear a white shirt right now because it shows through, especially when I’m dancing in a club and I’m sweating and the shirt is stuck to my back.

“It’s like being stuck with it, like being cursed.

“I have no idea what to cover it up with, I’m open to ideas.

“I keep seeing clips from the show on TikTok and there will be millions of comments. It’s hilarious.

“It’s so funny how I went from being a normal kid from Newcastle to viral breakthrough via a TikTok about a tattoo I got four years ago.”

A Laserways Clinic spokesman said: “The tattoo that Christian has is of so many colors and depths that even the best medical technology would have difficulty removing it completely.

“When evaluating our customers’ tattoos for laser removal, with our many years of experience and expertise, we take into account what the tattoo will look like after the treatment.

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“For example, in Christian’s case, if we started the removal process, we wouldn’t be sure what the tattoo would look like when it was finished.

“Would the treatment help Christian or even make his situation worse? For example a half removed tattoo or a stained end result.

“Taking these factors into account, the probability that Laserways Christian can give a good result is very small, so we would not treat this tattoo in any of our clinics.”

MTV was contacted for comment.

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