The most anticipated changes in Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1

Four months have passed since the release of endwalkerthe latest expansion for the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, It was so popular that sales had to be temporarily suspended so people could actually sign up and play the game. if you a FFXIV player and have not finished yet endwalkerI personally gave it my highest recommendation as it’s a hell of an achievement to pack so much into such an emotionally powerful story.

By now, long-time players know that despite all the difficulties, a four-month wait means it’s time for a much-anticipated regular content patch drop! It’s a fucking miracle the team pulled through this cycle, but then again, endwalker Overall, with just a two-week delay, it was something of a miracle in an era of frustrations in the gaming industry.

Of course, there’s a new story to tell, which to be honest, I’m really looking forward to. But to be honest, 6.1 offers so much incredible content that I almost forgot that we are going to embark on a new adventure. Here are the main changes that players are talking about instead.

SPOILER WARNING: Watch out for spoilers as you explore 6.1 content! Much of this occurs on post-Endwalker, which contains sort of cascading spoilers from Heavensward onwards.

Empyrean Housing and Housing Lottery

New homes are always an exciting time Final Fantasy XIV given the limited availability and due to the frustratingly static technology behind the game. This time, however, the new housing isn’t just a bunch of new homes: it’s the chance to live in one of the game’s most popular cities, Ishgard.


For years, players hoped that Ishgard, the classic medieval core city of the skyward expansion as a livable location would be available. However, it just didn’t make sense. It’s a city literally recovering from war, with rubble and little adaptability to foreigners. The far friendlier Kugane from Stormblood has even gotten new houses before, although it makes sense given how much the East Asian aesthetic is played up in each game.

It took years of gameplay, constructing game cannons and storylines for Empyreum to become a dream that made sense. During shadowbringer, artisans joined the natives of Ishgard to reconstruct the firmament, using gathered resources from the Diadem, which was previously a full-combat “reconnaissance mission” for Free Companies (guilds) to gather items. The area was becoming more and more like a housing development above the shadowbringer patches, and it was announced as such during the last year endwalker “Announcement Showcase”.

If you’re worried about the infamous unfair housing system, fret not: they mostly drop such for a much-requested lottery system. A number of other housing changes are also being announced as part of 6.1, intended to make the housing system more fair for those looking to invest, including dedicated districts for Free Company versus Private Housing.

A Realm Reborn Finale Changes: Praetorium and Cape Westwind

Due to strange interactions between game systems, the end stages and finale of the original A kingdom rebornThe main scenario of often felt overwhelming in gameplay, to the point of community-wide shame. The item level limits are absurdly high for everyone, and they require eight players at a time, making queuing a nightmare. For example, with ridiculously simple combat combined with unskippable cutscenes, players have turned the Praetorium finale into a rewarding coffee break in their daily lives.


However, now the developers want to streamline the last few dungeons and trials to make them more accessible for new players and those who play their daily roulette. This includes chopping pretty much every instance from level 48 onwards in one way or another.

The biggest tragedy for many players will be the death of Cape Westwind, the process at level 49. It is one of the first eight-player trials, but it will be synced at level 50 with no item level cap, so most of the combat will be skipped . As a joke for new players, veterans explained strategies and posted intricate layouts to “prepare” newcomers for the ordeal. Now Cape Westwind will be a solo instance battle instead of an eight man ordeal, meaning no mechanic has to skip or troll.

Once patch 6.1 arrives we will also see these changes:

  • Castrum Meridianum will be a four player dungeon.
  • Praetorium will be a four-player dungeon with some skippable cutscenes, likely ending with the elevator fight against Gaius.
  • The fight against the Ultima weapon, formerly part of the Praetorium dungeon, will be a separate trial and part of the main scenario roulette.
  • Lahabrea, formerly part of the Praetorium dungeon, will be a one-on-one battle.

While players who completed their quests during “Prae” may miss this time, it will likely be an overall better experience for new players and veterans alike. There will be less confusion for new players and obviously a more narratively fulfilling finale. Additionally, there are no reported losses in Main Scenario Duty Roulette for experienced players, which hopefully means there is a faster queue for better rewards for such players.

New PvP mode: Crystalline Conflict

While most FFXIV focuses on PvE content, it’s an MMORPG, which means there has to be something Room for PvP. And yes, there is PvP! However, it wasn’t a very much discussed endeavor despite having fairly large communities around it.


Crystalline Conflict aims to pick up that conversation again with a game mode that feels more like the modern multiplayer flavor. Currently, the small PvP game mode The Feast is more like a team deathmatch mode. On the other hand, Crystalline Conflict challenges players to slide and escort a giant crystal across a symmetrical square in what is essentially a king-of-the-hill match.

Comparisons were made over watch‘s different game modes. Not correct. It’s technically more like the leaderboard turn 2 Tower Control game mode if it’s not nearly the same and I would like to ask everyone reading this to give their respects to the superior game mode and far better game in general, Thank you very much.

New Extreme Trial: Endsinger’s Aria

Without spoiling it, it looks like you’re supposed to defeat God this time without The Power of Friendship. Just you, god, the mad dragonman who lets you ride, and seven others with guns.

After defeating other gods For the other Extreme Trials, the latest Extreme Trial narrates the finale endwalker Story trial with many new mechanics. But while the other Extreme Trials are relatively easier for high-end content, game director Naoki Yoshida explained in a live letter from the producer that this will be closer in difficulty to the Savage Raids. And to be fair, it’s only appropriate for the final boss in a decade-long story arc.

To compensate, players will receive two totems for each win, which they can exchange for items such as weapons and a mount. It should be an interesting grind for players who enjoy the diversity of the game’s high-end content.

New Alliance Raid: Myths of the Realm

Another expansion means another Alliance Raid to create a collective experience of failing and failing alongside 24 otherwise likely competent players. This time, instead of stepping on the turf of other games, both within the final fantasy franchise and in the broader Square game universe, Myths of the Realm promises a wholly original story in a little-visited theme within the FFXIV World.


It seems we are finally paying a visit to the Twelve, the mysterious god-like entities said to be responsible for the creation and oversight of the world. Entire religions in the game exist around them, but really not much is even known; For some, we hardly know their true origin stories.

While it’s uncertain how much we’ll actually learn about the Twelve, it seems we’re assuming they’re a brawl. Or her minions? Or just stomp around on their lawn? There is no knowing what exactly we will, but we’re sure we’re going to have a fascinating time ahead.

Solo/AI Dungeons in A Realm Reborn

That FFXIV Team repeatedly recognized in the publication endwalker that players should feel comfortable playing the way they want to. In fact, given the story-driven nature of the game, teams hoped players would be able to enjoy the game solo as much as they wanted. However, given the multiplayer nature of the dungeons, this was a difficult task.

But players no longer have to wait in a queue for others, or hope that their accompanying veterans, who are likely to be paired to claim their daily rewards, are kind and understanding enough. As of 6.1 and every patch thereafter, there will be a series of dungeons where AI NPCs can accompany players if they wish. This means that players can complete a majority of the tasks FFXIV Act solo if you wish.


But that doesn’t mean that the content will be simpler. AIs are neither perfect nor do they know every pocket strategy; They tend to do whatever is necessary to get you through provided you make the effort. And last time I did the trust system, the current iteration of the AI ​​companion, they don’t even revive you if you fall in combat. While it’s entirely possible to progress through the game with other players, you’ll likely be forced to learn a little better with the AIs.

AIs in early game dungeons are another much-requested feature coming in 6.1. Is there anything else you’re looking forward to? (Including dressing Ameliance, you horny bastards.) The most anticipated changes in Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1

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