The Most Anticipated Game Releases 2021

We all need video games. And it’s not only for entertainment but for boosting some of our skills such as problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and processing of information. And more importantly, the games enable us to connect and collaborate. What can be better than coming home from work or studies and getting relaxed with your favorite video game? Invite your friends to the party, bring your family together and enjoy the latest games on the PlayStation or Xbox. 

Are you anticipating new releases this year to make your evenings more exciting and fun? Make sure you have room for such an awesome pastime that can inspire you for great deeds. Is there plenty of work you try to manage and complete in time? Or do overwhelming studies make you anxious all the time? You can order essay online to settle down your business and feel relieved to continue your day with fun things such as gaming.

The Best Games of 2021 We All Anticipate For

Every year we anticipate the games which would entertain and enlighten us. Fortunately, the releases keep on going and please us with fresh games and incredible experiences. Thus, there are a great number of upcoming games which promise to be the best ones and satisfy all our needs. We are halfway through the year. But still, some games are being introduced to us, and we have been waiting for them long enough to put them on the list for the most anticipated ones. Let’s see the upcoming releases which deserve our attention and patience for being the most anticipated and, consequently, popular games.

Horizon Forbidden West

If you enjoy games about old cities and vanished civilizations, this game will be a great revelation. It’s about the old ones with great cities turning to graves. Thus, old civilization perished, and a new life took its place. You will have to deal with new dangers which may appear unexpectedly. Will you find a way to stop it? Otherwise, it will get worse and worse. Saving the world is the most responsible mission which this game offers to you. It provides you with an incredible adventure that enables you to explore beautiful places and locations on land full of robotic beasts. Are you ready to deal with them? It is going to be released in the second half of 2021. Not so long to wait. You can play it on your PlayStation with your family and friends, enjoying the film and the plot the game would provide you with. 

Metroid Dread

Many fans will be so happy to find out that their dream is coming true. “Metroid 5” with the official name Metroid Dread is coming this year. Such a release will create a delight for those who enjoy countering enemy attacks while sliding along the floor or hiding behind the walls. You are going to see some new twists from the legendary legacy series. Are you still in doubt whether you will like it or not? Don’t be. Just get prepared for one of the best games, which was extremely anticipated this year, and have fun. Use Switch as a platform for playing the game.

Forza Horizon 5

Are you more up to the racing games with gorgeous cars and picturesque scenery, which bring you so much pleasure to contemplate while playing the game? Then, Forza Horizon is the right choice. This Motorsport game is highly anticipated this year and is a big surprise as its new entry set in Mexico has something to offer the gamers. The first footage of the showcase really impressed the fans, and according to the reviews, it will be a sensation. Prepare your PC or Xbox, and you will be fascinated with Mexico’s authentic-looking scenery and fantastic licensed cars. There will also be great new minigames included making you enjoy a small race at any possible hour. Anticipate the release at the beginning of November. 


If you played Dishonored or Prey, you know that those kinds of games are not for typical shooters. Deathloop has a mixture of elements combined from previous games to make the game more fascinating to play. Thus, you have to find out how to escape the time loop first to keep it going. The loop is going to repeat unless your assassin lead takes out eight targets. But that’s not all. A rival assassin also wants to ruin your plans and prevent you from achieving your goal. You can control her and hop into other random online games to play spoiler. Try it on your PS5 or PC.

Far Cry 6

Do you prefer to be a freedom fighter in the game to pursue your goal? Participating in this open-world adventure full of unpredictable elements and beautiful sights is a real excitement. Far Cry 6 offers you an incredible experience of shooting and fights in a fictional Caribbean nation with its authoritarian leader. However, you don’t have to wait long till you try playing the game on your PC or Xbox, as it was released on October 7. 

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