The Nebraska Police Department issues a subpoena for drivers with a cop in their car


Some Nebraska cops recently had the weirdest traffic stop ever — and it’s no bullshit.

Sorry, there was actually a cop — and he was riding a shotgun in a car along Route 275 near Norfolk on Wednesday morning. reported the Nebraska news channel.

Norfolk officials responded to a call about a “vehicle with a cow in it” rolling through the city and assumed they would encounter a smaller animal. This was reported by the NBC subsidiary KUSA from Denver.

“They thought it would be a calf, something small or something that would actually fit in the vehicle,” Captain Chad Reiman told Nebraska News.

Reiman said officers conducted a traffic stop and “fixed some traffic violations that occurred in this particular situation.”

Meyer received only one warning – none low Violation – and asked to take Howdy Doody home and out of town.

Howdy Doody is a celebrity in his hometown and often performs at parades. However, according to Meyer’s wife Rhonda Meyer, the bull’s fame had apparently not yet reached Norfolk at the time of his jaunt.

“At work, I get a call from my son who wants to know if (his) father is in prison.” She told the Nebraska news station. “Someone sent him this (message), and yes, it’s only been downhill from there.”

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