The next photo of the Sun EVER taken reveals an unbelievable secret hidden inside Earth’s closest star

THE sun has been revealed as you have never seen it before.

A spacecraft has managed to take the closest picture yet of our flaming star, and amazed scientists with superior detail.

Sun like you've never seen it before


Sun like you’ve never seen it beforeSource: ESA/NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI

It shows the fiery outer atmosphere – known as the corona – in astonishingly high quality that we have never seen before and could help experts unravel hidden mysteries The sun.

The picture was taken by the European Space Agency on March 7th solar orbiter when it reached a very special point in its journey.

More than two years after launch, the spacecraft reached exactly halfway between Earth and the sun.

That’s about 46 million miles from both of them.

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The photo wasn’t a quick endeavour, either, taking over four hours to take.

This is because the orbiter got so close that they had to take 25 separate images, each lasting about ten minutes, and stitch them together into one large complete photo.

The picture contains more than 83 million pixels in a grid of 9148 x 9112 pixels, which is ten times better than what a 4K TV can display.

Eventually, the orbiter will get even closer, 26 million miles from the sun, which is the shortest distance a spacecraft with a camera can travel.

An instrument called SPICE (Spectral Imaging of the Coronal Environment) works alongside the EUI (Extreme Ultraviolet Imager).

Not only does this help piece the images together, but it also crucially traces the layers in the Sun’s atmosphere from the corona down to a layer known as the chromosphere.

It detects different wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light coming from different atoms.

Experts can then use this to look for extremely powerful eruptions that are taking place.

But they now hope to understand more about rising temperatures from different atmospheric layers.

The sun


The sunSource: ESA/NASA/Solar Orbiter/SPICE

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