The Pros and Cons of TV Beds

Do you love gaming and watching TV in bed? Then a TV bed is perfect for you, putting all your favourite content right in your line of sight.

Not only do TV beds provide an immersive viewing experience, but they also make a bedroom look tidier by hiding cables and saving space. 

If you’re considering a TV bed for your bedroom, we’ve listed the pros and cons below to help you decide if it’s the right option.

Let’s jump in!

TV bed pros

TV beds have more pros than cons, but the crux is that they free up wall/desk space and turn your bedroom into a media centre. Whether you love watching TV or gaming in bed, a TV bed optimises your experience. 

Here are the pros of TV beds:

Optimal viewing experience

A TV bed provides the ultimate vantage point for watching films and TV shows (it’s also perfect for gaming). Your television will only be around 6 feet away, giving you a clear and immersive view of what’s on.

Enhanced sound

Some TV beds have an in-built front-facing soundbar to improve sound quality versus TV speakers, and others like the Star TV Parfame have rear-facing and front-facing tweeters to create a 4.1 surround sound system.

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Pictured: Star TV Parfame 4FT 6 Double TV Bed – Velvet Grey, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore

Auto switch-off

One of our favourite TV bed features is auto switch-off when the TV is lowered. You can find this feature on Star TV beds like the Star TV Ardor, which makes life easier by switching the TV off when it is lowered inside the footboard.

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Pictured: Star TV Ardor 4FT 6 Double TV Bed – Grey, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore

Hide cables

TV beds have a solid frame for running cables underneath them, effectively concealing power, audio, and HDMI cables. The cables on your TV disappear in the lift end, creating a seamless appearance.

Save space

While a TV bed is bulkier than a normal bed frame, it frees up space on desks and walls by housing your TV. Better still, you can get a side-opening ottoman frame like the Kaydian Design Barnard, giving you abundant storage for all your games.

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Impress visitors

Trust us when we say that a TV bed will make visitors envious! There’s nothing cooler than seeing a TV rise out of the footboard. The ability to watch TV and game in bed with a perfect viewing experience is a goal most people want to achieve.

TV bed cons

There are a few cons to consider before buying a TV bed. The most obvious con is price, with a good TV bed easily costing you £800. Another con is size, with TV beds taking up more floor space than the average bed frame.

Here are the cons of TV beds:


The thickness of a TV bed’s footboard adds four or five inches to the length of the frame. If you have a small bedroom, the bulky footboard will probably look out of place (in this case, the best solution is to mount the TV on a wall).

The plus side is you can get TV beds with an ottoman frame, so that extra size pays itself back with enhanced storage space.

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TV beds are more expensive than regular beds. You can expect to pay at least £700 for a high-quality double TV bed with a robust lifting mechanism, and fancier king styles that take a bigger TV (up to 50”) quickly go over £1,000.

Beware of cheap TV beds because these have questionable mechanics and usually compromise the fit and finish of the frame.

Potential repairs

While a TV bed’s lifting mechanism should easily last several years, you may face expensive repairs if it breaks outside the guarantee period.

The lifting mechanism on a TV bed usually has a one-year guarantee, but this can go up to three years with some brands. You can extend its lifespan by not overusing the lift feature and keeping to the recommended TV size and load.

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