The psychologist shares the best way to leave someone — and tips on not handling rejection well

A professional psychologist has shared advice on how to let someone down in confidence, as well as her top tips on what to do when they’re not good at dealing with rejection

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A veteran psychologist has shared her best advice on how to leave someone — and how to deal with rejection when you’re on your other foot.

It’s not easy having to tell someone you just don’t fancy them.

But on the other hand, you will inevitably not be for everyone. And rejection is something most people fear—especially in this modern age.

clinical psychologist Michelle Pal says social media has “highlighted” our sense of rejection — whether it’s someone who takes a long time to reply to a text message or a potential partner who can’t find you on a dating app.

She also revealed those who use it dating Apps like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder may have to turn someone away at some point. And the process can be incredibly anxiety-provoking.

Michelle Pal says social media has “highlighted” our sense of rejection


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Michelle tells fashion journal: “Anyone with at least some healthy level of empathy will feel a little anxiety when they reject others because it’s hard to see someone else suffer.”

She said some might be so afraid of having to reject someone else that it might interfere with your day-to-day life or force you to keep the relationship going longer than you should.

Michelle claims these types of people “may have too much empathy, lack assertiveness or healthy boundaries, or be ‘personalized’ and take too much responsibility for the other person’s emotions.”

The pros added that she’s met many women who are afraid of leaving a man – but also some who find it difficult to set boundaries.

She says to remember that rejection is a normal part of life


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She believes this problem stems from women being socialized to be too “caring, kind and empathetic” as we’ve been taught to be nice and caring about other people’s feelings – but this can be an “emotional drain”. .

Michelle’s top piece of advice for dealing with rejection is to remind ourselves that “it will always be a normal part of everyday life for all of us – we will make rejections and we will be rejected.”

She explained, “Release any conditioning of being ‘too nice’ and being overly responsible for the emotions of others by reminding yourself that you are doing nothing wrong and that every human being has the right to choose the right person for them, and this will inevitably lead to rejecting others at times, and you cannot be responsible for how they feel or react to that rejection.

“It’s also really helpful to remember that rejecting someone does them a favor in the long run, as it gives them an opportunity to find someone who is a better match for them and who might like them a lot more than what.” They liked you.”

If they don’t handle it well, she adds, “Set whatever boundaries you need — for example, you can tell the person you want to keep the peace and not be yelled at or insulted, and if it goes on, you must.” block them.

“But if the individual is showing signs of stalking, harassment or violence, please call the police, consider an AVO, or call your local toll-free DV hotline.”

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