The Qatar World Cup has nothing on the Wall of Pain that Ireland’s Healthiest Family Faces

I don’t really feel the World Cup. The matches are too long. The ball looks more like something you play on the beach. The players always miss the opening goals. There are quite a few man dumplings. The language of the commentators is very difficult to understand for the average person: please, what is the afterburner?

he after burning appeared in RTÉ’s commentary on France v Australia. It’s hard to get into the World Cup — and not just if you’re female, gay or migrant. I forgot what soccer store closure is. Over the video of the Australian team, one commentator commented “definitely not the golden generation 2006”, making you wish you could go back to 2006 without knowing exactly why. Mind you, the Australian team probably wished the same thing, while knowing exactly why.

The stadium wasn’t even full. I left the field after the first half with France leading 2-1. Okay, that was a mistake. The French scored two more goals in the second half. But at halftime, things didn’t go so well. RTÉ sportsmen played a clip dearly titled “French Chance,” and there were quite a few of them.

Much more interesting, more varied and easier to understand than the final of Ireland’s Healthiest Family (RTÉ One). What a neat program this is. You can fall for it at any time and find yourself drawn to it because it is understandable to everyone.

There’s a lot of talk on television about home entertainment, but very little of it is really family-focused. Ireland’s Healthiest Family forcing families to help each other. Mothers are often left on the team, or perhaps believe that they have done enough miserable things in their daily lives. That said, Gallagher’s Donegal family is made up of three children and their mother, Lisa. She was the longest-lived Gallagher in the Back Against the Wall challenge when her three children collapsed in front of her.

The Finnegan twins from Cork said they were delighted to be spending time with their brother Aaron, who said he was also happy because he had never spent so much time with his sisters before.

And lot Ireland’s Healthiest Family Talk about children helping their parents. Mothers often have to be dragged through mud, nets, pipes and through walls.

Not that dad has an easy time of it. John Finnegan was his family’s winner at Backs Against the Wall and his daughter later said: “No offense but we all thought he was going to leave, just like that. ” Instead, John sang Friends in low places by Garth Brooks and get it out. When the family is removed – there is no level ladder in Ireland’s Healthiest Familyy, no group, no nonsense – he said: “I couldn’t be prouder.”

Ireland’s Healthiest Family ignite competition between districts. When the Nugents beat the Fitzsimons in the final photo shoot, they said they were very proud to be Louth’s first winning family.

Security breach

I was going to say that as a viewer, you know exactly where you stand with this show, but that’s not entirely true. The locations are named The Forest, The Lake, The Mountain, etc. It seems like a breach of security that someone let in that the Mountain is in The Wicklow.

The obstacles that families must overcome are known as things like the Wall of Pain. There are also Pipes of Pain. Then there’s the Mountain Madness. And such. Ireland’s Healthiest Family is not understatement. There’s too much emphasis on coaches training families and always slandering each other in a way that’s neither informative nor amusing: there’s every possibility that Davy Fitzgerald could have had a stroke. And there are Dryrobes everywhere, even on presenters. Is this the product location we were alerted to?

But these are fallacies. Ireland’s Healthiest Family TV is great, and it’s been ten years now. Davy Fitzgerald was one of two people who came up with it. He is a smart guy. But the individual winner of this year’s competition is undoubtedly 14-year-old Aaron Fitzsimons, who told us he’s been watching the show since he was six years old and can’t wait to participate. That tells you everything.

Video of the day

In the midst of all this sport and evil – as I write, there is only one woman left in this world. I’m a famous person… camp — it’s a relief to step into the female environment of Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley in Queen of Mysteries (BBC 2). I’m not the biggest fan of Agatha Christie, but her detective stories have outsold any other work in the world, except the Bible and Shakespeare. Coming after God and Shakespeare is impressive, but you’ve already started watching the first episode of this three-part series and wondered if even Lucy Worsley could stretch Agatha’s life story over three hours. But then Lucy literally wrote the book – Agatha’s biography, now out – so she could.

There are surprises here. This epitome of Britishness has an American spendthrift father and her smart mother is half German. Her life spanned much of the 20th century; history has disrupted all the plans her mother had for her. And she learned about poison while working as a volunteer nurse during World War I. This is the new antidote to all those football matches. The Qatar World Cup has nothing on the Wall of Pain that Ireland’s Healthiest Family Faces

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