The Queer Young Comics Redefining American Humor

This is not line ending. For gay men in the entertainment industry, there’s never been a finish line, there’s never been a time when you couldn’t take the ruler to measure how far they’ve come and flip it back to see if they’re still there. how lacking. Gays can connect with Booster’s act of standing upright on his desk to the point where, when they meet him, some of the more borderless will enthusiastically groping him (which makes him extremely uncomfortable). ; please don’t do that). But other audiences have a long way to go, he said. “I see so many people standing up across the country when I travel, and it’s a myth that our existence is still being used as a loophole. The idea of ​​being gay is still really funny to a lot of people. ”

The major divisions of the industry also have not changed their previous selection decisions that may have been fresh 20 years ago but are not now. “I’m still out here auditioning for everything, and” mostly still an assistant or [the heroine’s] best friends are like, ‘GirlWhat are you wearing? that? ‘”On his upcoming show, Rogers will be playing the “high-ranking associate” – he’s very clear that he Not Assistant. … It’s great to let him be aware of the pattern and watch him navigate it. ”

For all the progress that has been made, the era in which discussions like this would be unimaginable is still enough to remember, and grim. “I think about Terry Sweeney a lot,” Yang said. Sweeney, now in his 70s, was a forerunner who made his mark before the people in this story were even born – in 1985, when he became the first gay man to be hired as an actor. main on “Saturday Night Live”. Sweeney is “gay”; he “had a moment”; and his impersonation of Joan Rivers, Nancy Reagan and (already different) Diana Ross may have made him a star in the newer era of “SNL” or America. But Sweeney has been in the spotlight during the AIDS crisis, at a time when gay cruelty is on the rise, and the show has essentially quarantined him, viewing him as a villain. weird. He lasted a season.

“I’m sure I won’t be able to survive a week,” Yang said. It sounds like “it’s shocking to have a gay man on ‘SNL’, but there’s always the feeling that the staff member thought it was shocking, too. … Sometimes I go into this dark place, where I think, ‘There’s us [moved beyond that]? Do people see me as the newcomer on the show – that I walk in, do my little song and dance and then leave? I’m not think correct. Obviously I’m in a much better situation than he is. But I think about him very often.”

We are no longer there. We’re not even where we were a decade ago, when Torres, still trying to find his voice as a performer, started performing open mic nights without knowing if Will he face a hostile audience? “Then, years later,” he said, “I was asked to use a gay-only open microphone. And I just said, “Oh my, are there enough aspiring gay comedians to have their own open microphones?”

“It’s not like, ‘When did I know them,'” Yang said, but these are all people I’ve seen grow and develop. “I hope that what has been gleaned from all of this is that we have all mapped our way to some version of fulfillment or success or found our own voices. . I know I’m just uttering all these little earnest phrases, but I guess I’m saying there’s such a thing as this community of people searching for each other. And I hope it keeps happening.” The Queer Young Comics Redefining American Humor

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