The reaction to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s new memoir is exactly what you would think


Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) announced her upcoming memoir on Tuesday, drawing immediate backlash and ridicule from critics on social media.

“MTG” will tell Greene’s “side of the story,” the fiery Republican told the conservative Washington Examiner while promoting the book, which has a Nov. 21 release date.

“I’m always controversial, but I think this book might be a little controversial because of some of the stories,” said Greene, who did denied climate change and promoted conspiracy theories during her time in Congress.

The book could help pave Greene’s path to the White House as she is rumored to be on the short list to become Donald Trump’s running mate if he wins the 2024 Republican nomination, the Examiner said.

“I have options. Everything from a governor’s race to a Senate seat,” Greene told the outlet. “I’m not sure who Trump will choose as vice president. I didn’t close the door to anything.”

Winning Team Publishing is publishing the book.

The company was co-founded by Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. and previously published the former president’s “Letters From Trump” and Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro’s “Crimes Against America.”

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