The “real-life rom-com” colleagues kept the pandemic romance a secret for a year

Holly Sandberg and Cam kept their relationship a secret from their co-workers for a full year thanks to the pandemic allowing them to keep their co-workers in the loop

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Woman reveals their relationship is like a ‘real love comedy’

In a story straight out of a feel-good rom-com, one woman opened up about how unlikely it is romance blossomed between her and a colleague over the course of the pandemic.

The new couple kept theirs relationship Hidden from colleagues for a full year thanks to the closure of offices worldwide due to the coronavirus.

Holly Sandberg, 28, Market Researcher, moved to New York from London in 2020 in search of new adventures and experiences.

She had only been to the US once before, but decided to take a chance and make the exciting jump across the pond when a job presented itself.

After settling into her new position, Holly quickly became close to a colleague, specifically another freshman named Cam.

Holly relocated to New York for work, having only been to the US once before


Jam Press/@sunshinebyholly)

Holly and Cam quickly became close


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Holly said: “Cam is a dual national and worked in the UK office for six months, although our paths rarely crossed there.

“Our company transferred him a few weeks after me and we became friends as we shared this experience of being ‘newbies’ to the office. For two weeks we ate lunch together and spent time exploring the city.”

She continued, “We once went to Central Park together after work and spent three hours talking and photographing the moon – it was a whole new and blossoming friendship.

“[Initially] there was no romantic attraction on either end and we were both just friendly people who got along well. He’s also four years younger than me and I saw him more like a younger brother.”

After only five weeks of Holly being in the Big Apple, the Coronavirus a pandemic that changed everything, and Cam was her only close friend in town.

The pandemic hit just five weeks after Holly’s great American adventure


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Holly asked to move in with Cam and his father until things calmed down


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Holly recalls, “I called my mum and said I didn’t know what to do as I didn’t know anyone in or out of town.

“We knew flights were cancelled, so it would be difficult to come back. I thought my American adventure would be over in just a few weeks.”

At this point, Cam was living with his father, Rick, in New Jersey, so Holly’s mother persuaded her to see if she could go and stay with them.

Holly said: “I hesitated as it seemed like a huge question, but eventually I agreed and spent a lot of time crafting the message.

“He responded immediately and said that he and his father were on speaking terms and if I’m comfortable they would be happy to let me stay with them for a week or so until things settle down.”

And so, after two weeks of packing up clothes, Holly hopped on the train to New Jersey, where she’s lived ever since.

Since then, Holly has lived in New Jersey


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Holly soon fell in love with Cam and the feeling was mutual


Jam Press/@sunshinebyholly)

Since they were working on the same projects, their work schedules matched well and Holly and Cam ended up spending a lot of time together.

Holly said: “I realized what an incredible person he was because it’s rare to be able to spend so much time with someone and really enjoy every moment of it.

“All my friends back home kept saying we would get together, but I was adamant it wasn’t going to happen. After four weeks I wrote to my boyfriend: “I spend all day with this man and every night when I go to bed I can’t wait to see him again the next day.”

“A day later his father left the house and we both tried yoga together, ending up lying on the floor next to each other. So I leaned in and kissed him. Everything felt so right, like we took it for granted.”

“We fell in love very slowly and it was like we skipped all the dating drama as I already knew him very well. We snuck around behind his dad’s back for a few months while still figuring out what was between us.

“Cam didn’t want our colleagues to know, which I respected, and our friendships were closely tied to work, so we told very few people.

“It was so nice because it gave us no pressure time to just enjoy being together and we were in our own little love bubble for a whole summer.”

After leaving the company a year later, the smitten couple finally opened up about their secret romance to their co-workers.

Holly has since shared her movie-worthy love story via tick tock, where her post has since racked up more than 2.3 million views and 310,000 likes.

One person gushed, “I would f***ing watch that show/movie,” while another urged them to “sell the movie rights, buy his dad a house, and get yourselves a house.”

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