“The royal family stole everything they had – Prince Charles couldn’t say no to a bag of cash” – Fleet Street Fox

Prince Charles is like Michael Corleone — he was born into an institution so rooted in theft and greed that he can’t escape it, says Fleet Street Fox

Prince Charles Cash
Every time I try to get out they pull me back in!

Prince Charles is a lifelong, upstanding philanthropist whose good works include helping millions of people through the Prince’s Trust, saving Dumfries House for the nation and still calling the Queen “Mama” in public.

And like any charity patron, when presented with a suitcase and Fortnum & Mason shopping bags full of used Qatar sheikh notes, he said: “No, I can’t possibly accept that because it looks quite questionable and my charity must be over the allegation.” . Why not use e-transfer like any decent person with nothing to hide?”

Oh wait, no, turns out he would have said that if it had been in ASDA bags. In fact, he took 3 million euros in large bills and ordered his staff to count everything before taking it to the bank.

“I don’t carry my own cash!”



Clarence House said donations from the Sheikh were immediately forwarded to one of the Prince’s charities and all correct processes had been followed. There is no indication that the payments were illegal.

And it’s not uncommon for charities to make a large cash turnover. Collection cans, charity shops, school sponsorships, bring-and-buy sales all produce cash donations that are vital to the continued functioning of charities. Children who donate a pound at the school gate to the PTA’s patchy day benefit greatly from seeing and hearing their coins fall into a bucket.

They rarely donate in 500 euro notes, however, and while it may have been perfectly reasonable for Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani to produce a grocery bag full of coins, few of us would believe that a bag full of notes was quite so probably raised through the usual charitable means.

Multiply that by multiple bags and toss in a full suitcase, and the lack of curiosity as to the provenance of the cash issued by both Prince Charles and his bank manager seems, well, odd. Anyone else who takes a shopping bag full of bills to the bank and tries to deposit them is indeed faced with very uncomfortable questions.

But that’s not unusual for a royal. This is a family founded on theft and greed to the extent that people have been giving them cash for centuries.

“Oh look, free cake, or what we call ‘cake’.”


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Charlemagne’s great-grandfather of 28, William the Conqueror, stole England in 1066 despite being only a distant cousin. But what else would you expect from someone whose ancestors stole much of France centuries earlier?

Conqueror Henry II’s great-grandson stole Ireland, and his great-great-great-grandson Edward I later stole Scotland and then Wales. They stole whole parts of France, then parts of the Holy Land, and finally a quarter of the world’s surface with a British Empire. From one perspective, the only difference between this land grab and a county gang expanding into the suburbs is the scale – everything was done for wealth and power, not to promote peace and understanding.

They stole jewels. They stole statues. They stole ivory, minerals, wild animals, and in the case of James II, the main shareholder of the Royal Africa Company, they also made a busload of money stealing people.

Her response to that these days is to praise the Commonwealth, which is little more than a vehicle to bow all these former dominions to Queen Victoria’s great-great-granddaughter, and to express “deep sorrow” for the business of enslaving and killing people without them wouldn’t have nearly as many Bentleys, servants and palaces.

“Never go against the family, not like your brother”


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They have taken money with threats, thrown people into bloody, futile turf wars, whispered in the ear of prime ministers and had to clean up the family’s reputation more times as they passed the crown from one generation to the next. They fornicated, oppressed and exacted hard cash tribute from their subjects – in trunks and moneybags, in jewels and tithes and the very last dime with which your ancestors had to feed their children.

The current royals had little to do with any of this, of course, but one of the perks of a millennial criminal empire is that people eventually bring you the money. And when that’s been happening all your life, it’s very hard to see anything wrong with it.

The royals tried to go legal and give back a few things – like the cost of paying the army and the Stone of Scone. But they only let us peek into their palaces for a peg, their tea towels cost a tenner, and all we get back is the nagging feeling of being scammed by people who could afford it all freely.

There’s not much the current royals can do about historical wrongs, but it seems they all can’t avoid wronging even a few people. As Kay Corleone discovered, it’s not possible to be an honest schoolteacher when the whole family is based on crime.

“Luca Brazzi sleeps with the fish, and so do you if you don’t keep your nose clean, my boy.”

So expecting Prince Charles to say no to a suitcase full of preparations is like expecting Michael Corleone to break up his mafia and become a librarian. They are the result of a long breeding program aimed at making them ruthless; They lack both the wiring and the software to behave differently.

Even if some people try to get out, the royals drag them back in – with the permission they’ve asked to get married, titles, medals and Balmoral barbecues. They demand silence, shun critics and demand theirs soldier Say hello to mom every other day.

Prince Charles can no more overcome all of this than dust off his own piano. Of course, he took a bag full of preparations without asking any questions. He is genetically incapable of anything else – a man handicapped rather than ennobled by birth.

‘No, my piano seems to dust itself – magically!’


Clarence House/Twitter)

Of course, alleged financial irregularities are raised, which are now being examined by the Charity Commission. Of course, there will be opaque sources of funding, convoluted family policies, and less than perfect people protected by a family that has been above the law for centuries. Prince Charles probably didn’t break any rules other than not looking scruffy.

What is surprising is that this is a surprise. It’s not as if the royal family hasn’t proven more eager to accept cash than questions over both the centuries and the last few decades.

But the Corleones could be crushed by the FBI. The county line drug gangs attract the attention of the National Crime Agency. And the royal family is only scrutinized by a parliament unwilling to rein in a reigning monarch since 1649.

And you don’t have to cut off heads to do it. Just ditch the royal guards and replace them with ASDA security guards who keep a watchful eye for signs of a king taking something without paying for it. They would soon find a reason to look more honest. "The royal family stole everything they had - Prince Charles couldn't say no to a bag of cash" - Fleet Street Fox

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