The Russian invasion underscores the importance of joining NATO


The invasion of the democratic Ukraine through Wladimir Putin has shocked those who value independence and freedom. Human suffering and destruction are visible to all.

kraine has had more than its share of suffering. In the 1930s, Nikita Khrushchev became known as the “Butcher of Ukraine” for the mass terror and massacre he carried out. We now have another butcher of Ukraine and his name is Vladimir Putin.

Unfortunately, we have our own Putiners. Over the years, they have apologized for his human rights abuses. Her sudden conversion is opportunistic and deceives no one.

Democratic countries and parties must defend democracy. If Ukraine were a member of NATO, would Putin invade? I do not think so. We are neutral and democratic like Ukraine, but that didn’t stop the invasion. Without membership in NATO, we are also vulnerable.

Leonard Hurley

Cahersiveen, County Kerry

Putin, like everyone else, will submit to a higher power

As a person with strong belief in the Trinity, I believe that people are responsible for the talents they are given for the good of humanity. Ergo, people like Vladimir Putin are responsible for their destruction of humanity.

Our bodies are holistic, as are our relationships with our fellow human beings and Gaia or Mother Earth.

Putin may think he is untouchable, but no one is. He will face the danger of his conscience sooner than he can imagine.

Declan Foley

Melbourne, Australia

Archbishop must accept that God speaks through people

During a recent Oxford Union debate, Archbishop Eamon Martin explained that once the hallmarks of organized religion “are downplayed, what ultimately remains is the feelings of the individual, a disparate assemblage of voices and a vague sense of being spiritual”.

In so doing, Archbishop Martin seems to be dismissing the deep meaning of the Latin phrase “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” meaning that the voice of the people can sometimes be the voice of God.

If there is any truth to this phrase, it should not reduce the thoughts of lay hearts to things that God does not value highly. For does not the Bible say that Our Lady would endure a trial “that the secret thoughts of many hearts might be revealed”? Didn’t Jesus say that “everything you whispered in secret places will be declared from the housetops”?

Therefore, I believe that within the fabric of all organized religions there should be a safe place that allows the thoughts and feelings of all lay people to express themselves in a respectful, good-natured, and organized manner.

Unfortunately, if this worthy goal cannot be achieved through prayer and planning, I fear such ignored “privatized interpretations of religion” (as Archbishop Martin calls them) “could sometimes degenerate into fanatical distortions, extremism and violent fundamentalism.”

Sean O’Brien

Kilrush, Co Clare

United Ireland much more plausible than any fairy tale

In response to Robert Sullivan’s letter on Irish unity (“There are two nations on this island – unity will not work”, letters, April 4), I agree, it’s possible that letter-writing republicans who want to unite Ireland haven’t given it a minute’s thought. But it’s also possible that they’ve been thinking about it for more than a century.

The letter begins by claiming that more than a million in Northern Ireland profess to be British. The most recent record of national identity in the six boroughs says fewer than 900,000 claimed British identity.

If it’s not just a matter of a majority, without a vote, how can you say who doesn’t want to see the island united?

The claim that sense fine – the party that won the most votes in the last federal election – her inauguration is a fairy tale that many would debate.

We can agree that there are two nations on this island. We cannot agree that it will always be like this.

Eliot McCarthy

Rochestown, Cork

Clifford and Sheeran would be music to fans’ ears

Eugene Tannam hints that Ed Sheeran could perform on the Páirc
Uí Chaoimh played at the same time Cork faced Kerry (“Ed Sheeran would hit the right note for big game”, lettersApril 5).

In fact, it might be nice if someone other than Kerry’s David Clifford drew
the strings.

Tom Gilsenan

Beaumont, Dublin 9 The Russian invasion underscores the importance of joining NATO

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