The SF Giants team suffered “The Runs” after the Mexico City games.


Usually runs in baseball are a good thing — that is, when they’re on the diamond rather than with the actual players.

But many members of the San Francisco Giants appear to be having the wrong kind of runs — aka diarrhea — based on recent comments from team pitcher Logan Webb.

“The whole journey was very tiring, I think. It was mental wear and tear, it was physical wear and tear,” he said. according to SFGate. “I think three quarters of our clubhouse has the shit.

“It was mental and physical wear and tear. It will sure be good to come back home. Hopefully the shit goes away and will be better in a few days.

HuffPost reached out to the Giants for comment, but no one immediately responded.

It doesn’t appear the Padres were affected either, but none of the Padres immediately responded to HuffPost’s inquiry.

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