The single dad hit out for taking in daughter’s dog while she was away

The man has taken to Reddit to explain how he gave his daughter’s dog a new home while she spent the weekend with her mum – he claims she should have seen it coming

His daughter stopped caring for her dog after he aged from puppyhood
His daughter stopped caring for her dog after he aged from puppyhood

Owning a dog is a big commitment — and one that requires a lot of thought before stepping in.

But while trying to placate his daughter, one man half-heartedly agreed to welcome home a Pomeranian puppy for his “desperate” 13-year-old.

The man explained how he adopted the dog with promises she would walk, feed and clean up afterwards, and has vented his frustration after his daughter stopped helping care for her dog after he aged from puppyhood.

Speaking to Reddit, he said, “I got divorced about two years ago and ended up with my two kids.

“Shortly after moving to a new place, my daughter said she wanted a dog.

“I didn’t really want one as my son already had a cat and I knew from previous experience with a dog that my daughter was very little involved in caring for her.

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She left her father and brother to clean up after her pet


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“She promised me she would take care of this one and I wanted to make sure she was happy living with me so I finally agreed.

“You have to give her credit for doing a good job in the first year, taking her for walks, cleaning up afterwards, etc.

“In the sophomore year, however, she really dropped the ball. She started doing more after school activities after school, hanging out with her friends, normal teenage girl stuff.

“I was fine with that as long as she kept caring for the dog. I paid for all the food and veterinary care, all she had to do was walk him, clean him up and feed him. All of that gradually stopped.”

But a year and a half after getting the dog, the girl stopped caring for him — instead leaving all the work to her father or 15-year-old brother.

“I had to keep reminding her to take care of it as me and my son were the ones feeding him and cleaning up afterwards as she dried urine to the point on the floor and his feces to the point that my whole apartment stank . ” he added.

“We’ve argued about it countless times, to the point where I said if she can’t take care of the dog, then she doesn’t deserve to have one.”

When the 55-year-old reached the end of his strength, he put up an adoption ad for the dog – and eventually took him to a new home while his daughter spent the weekend with her mum.

He said: “I had tons of interest, so I interviewed and shortlisted several people.

“I didn’t want to take money for the dog, I just wanted to give it to a family who would love and take care of it.

“I went out to visit several families and decided to give it to one with two young daughters aged nine and eleven who had a huge backyard for the dog to run around and play in.

“I did this while my daughter was at her mom’s for the weekend. I obviously expected a backlash when she finally came home and found out what I had done, but her reaction was way beyond my imagination.

“Screaming and throwing things was like something out of a movie. She moved out that day and told me she never wanted to see or speak to me again.”

After being out of touch with his daughter for two weeks, the man apologized to her and admitted it was wrong to adopt her pet without her knowledge – but it was too late.

“She refuses to answer any of my calls or reply to my messages. I told her I was sorry for what I did but that the dog wasn’t treated properly and that I had warned her several times to take better care of it or that would happen,” he said.

“My ex-wife doesn’t offer any support and thinks I’m the baddest person on the planet, so I’m worried that she will actively stop my daughter from reconciling.

“My son thinks I did the right thing, but he also told me that his sister is serious about knocking me out forever.”

While most users agreed that he was wrong in putting the dog behind his daughter’s back, others pointed out that he should have known he would end up being his main caretaker.

One user said: “If you’re getting a dog for a teenager, you have to be fully prepared that it’s actually your dog dog .”

Another user added, “I would say it’s a bad move to give the dog a new home without first discussing the issues and coming up with a plan of action.”

A third said: “I understand why you wanted to bring the dog back and it sounds like your daughter is being quite irresponsible. But to do it while she’s gone without telling her first is cruel.

“I understand you were telling her that she didn’t deserve to have a dog if she couldn’t take care of one, but instead you really should have said, ‘If you can’t take care of the dog, will I will start mediation on X-date.”

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