The six heatwave survival tips you never knew – and why milk might be the best drink option

Amidst the sweltering conditions of the past few days, many people will be desperate to keep their cool and find creative ways to survive the heatwave.

et Éireann have warned that high temperatures of 30°C are expected in the coming days. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool.

Jess Willow of Willow Nutrition in Co Kildare said people can sometimes have a reduced appetite during the heatwave, so smaller, more frequent meals can be easier to digest.

Choose milk instead of water


Milk provides electrolytes. picture posed

Ms Willow, a registered dietitian, advised people when trying to cool off not to reach for ice cold drinks and instead have a glass of milk as it helps keep dehydration at bay.

When it comes to quick and hydrating snacks for little ones, Ms. Willow recommended giving kids cold fruits like strawberries and melons, and opting for cereal with milk in the morning for extra calcium.

Milk is actually very moisturizing

“In terms of what we should be eating, we’d look at more hydrating foods — so lettuce usually has higher water content, things like strawberries, cucumbers, melons, zucchini and lettuce,” she said.

“Moisturizing liquids, so milk is actually very hydrating, which people might not really want to drink on a hot day, but it does have electrolytes that rehydrate us when we’re sweating profusely.”

Salty snacks


Salty snacks can actually help us retain fluids

“Sometimes adding some salt to your diet, obviously if you don’t have kidney function or blood pressure issues, can actually cause us to retain more fluid when we’re sweating profusely, so salty snacks can help with that.”

warmer drinks


Soup is recommended. Photo: Tony Gavin

“We would automatically think that ice cold drinks and ice cream would cool us down, but they actually have more of the opposite effect, they only cool us down temporarily but then we warm up pretty quickly after drinking them.

“So sometimes warmer beverages can actually help regulate our internal temperature — things like soups, stews, and casseroles that we wouldn’t automatically make, but you also get some hydration from those sources.”

Ms Willow recommended avoiding tea and coffee as they have diuretic effects and can lead to dehydration.

BBQs and liquor off


Grilling and liquor are not recommended in extreme heat. Image from a photo agency

Although it’s very tempting to fire up the grill when the sun is shining, Ms. Willow advised people to limit their meat consumption whenever possible to maintain internal body temperature. “Usually you want to sit outside and have a beer, but again, alcohol has very similar effects to tea and coffee, and it can even dehydrate us, which can be quite dangerous in extreme heat if we sit outside too,” she says said.

Much liquid

“I would make sure you’re generally drinking at least two or two and a half liters of fluids throughout the day and the aim is for things like water to be the best we can drink throughout the day.

“Adding mint or fruit or drinking sparkling water if it’s a little easier to ingest.

“The digestion of meat raises our internal temperature. Sometimes you get a little warm after a roast and your body temperature actually rises to digest the meat.

“So again, this could contribute to the fact that you get a little warmer if you eat a lot of meat.”

stay down

Because hot air rises, it’s often best to stay downstairs if possible, or downstairs when temperatures are at their highest.

It is also recommended to close curtains, blinds and windows

It’s also a good idea to eliminate any additional heat sources, such as lightbulbs or computer equipment that is on, as these can generate unnecessary heat. If you can avoid using the oven or stovetop to prepare food, it also reduces the amount of heat circulating.

It is also recommended to close curtains, blinds and windows during the day to keep the hot air out and open the windows at night to let the cool air back in before bed. The six heatwave survival tips you never knew – and why milk might be the best drink option

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