The solar flare is expected to deal a “fleeting blow” to Earth in DAYS, unleashing a geomagnetic storm

SPACE experts believe a solar flare could hit Earth on May 28.

The predicted “ramble” would generate “G1 class geomagnetic storms.”

Solar flares are bursts of radiation from the sun's surface


Solar flares are bursts of radiation from the sun’s surfacePhoto credit: Getty

experts out stated, “A magnetic filament snaking through the corpse of decayed sunspot AR3016 erupted on May 25 (1824 UT) producing an M1-class solar flare.”

They continued: “Coronagraph images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) confirm explosion ejected a CME into space: movie.

“Most of the CME will miss Earth, passing just in front of and south of our planet. However, a fraction of the cloud will hit.

“NOAA analysts expect a fleeting hit to Earth’s magnetosphere on May 28 with the possibility of smaller G1-class geomagnetic storms.”

Any solar flare that shoots through space and hits Earth can trigger a geomagnetic storm.

The one that could happen on Saturday has been flagged as a G1 class, so it wouldn’t have much of an impact if it happened.

Class G1 means the solar storm could cause small fluctuations in the power grid and have little impact on satellite communications.

A G1 storm can also confuse migratory animals, which rely on the Earth’s magnetic field for their sense of direction.

One good thing about solar storms is that they can create very beautiful natural displays of light like the Northern Lights.

These natural light displays are called auroras and are examples of how Earth’s magnetosphere is being bombarded by the solar wind, creating pretty green and blue displays.

The Earth’s magnetic field helps protect us from the more extreme effects of solar flares.

We mostly notice their effects when they affect our technology on Earth.

In 1989, a powerful solar flare shot down so many electrically charged particles that the Canadian province of Quebec was without electricity for nine hours.

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