The street is so secretive that it’s so haunted that you have to sign a waiver to move there


A seemingly innocuous street has a secret – it’s so haunted you have to sign a waiver to move there.

Wingates Grove in Westhoughton, Bolton, is said to have been haunted by a vandal during the 1990s – scaring everyone who lived there, Manchester Evening News.

The evil spirit is said to have stalked the council house and tormented the family for many years.

The famous hauntings became so terrifying that Bolton Council was forced to intervene, but staff members could not find a logical explanation for what was happening.

At one stage an exorcism was performed and all paranormal activity on the streets is now believed to have ceased.

Even so, years after the last spooky incident, a resident is still required to sign a disclaimer before moving into her home.

It all started in 1993 when a family started experiencing strange activities.

It is said that their toddler will talk to a ‘little man’ in his room and an oily substance will flow down the wall.

Laura in her kitchen at Wingates Grove



The reported incidents confused maintenance workers, who were unable to determine the cause of the problem.

The family eventually contacted a local church and an exorcism was performed at the address.

After the ceremony, the street was quiet.

But, just five years later in 1999, a flurry of supernatural activity began again.

Just two doors down from the original haunted house, a family begins to experience strange disturbances.

It wasn’t long before they moved to the address when the unexplained activity started.

Laura was 12 years old when she moved into the property.

The 34-year-old said she ‘knew’ something was wrong in the house as soon as her family arrived.

Wingates Grove, where there was once a vandal



Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, she said: “I begged my mother not to move in.

“I don’t like that feeling. I didn’t feel comfortable but when we put the stuff in, it dimmed a bit.

“When things started happening, my mother would say it was my grandfather’s ghost. But I said no.

“I just knew there was something there. It felt like I was stepping into someone’s personal space.

“I don’t want to walk through the door.”

Laura remembers the first supernatural event like it was yesterday.

She was with her brother and a friend when the incident happened.

Two brothers decided to prank their best friend who was sleeping in the living room.

Caron Walton currently lives in one of the houses



As they ran back upstairs, her brother let out a cry of pain like blood.

He had left his feet bare on a picture frame that was standing on the stairs.

It had been hung on the wall just before and had not been dropped.

“We really just walked up the stairs and if he fell, he wouldn’t get up,” Laura continued.

“If he stood on it, it would slip. It’s like a force is holding it in place.

“It was one of the first scary things that happened.”

Laura also recalled the time her brother’s girlfriend came to stay.

She woke up in the middle of the night to find her standing in her room, staring at her as she slept.

Laura ignored her and continued to sleep.

Some strange things happened on the street



The next morning, she told her mother about the strange incident.

Without thinking about it, Laura went back to her bedroom.

But her mother called her downstairs just 20 minutes later, where she found her brother’s girlfriend “looking at her strangely”.

“She said I did the same thing to her,” she continued.

“We wake up at different times.”

Strange activity won’t just happen indoors.

Dozens of dead crows were found scattered around the front and back gardens, including along the ginnel tree on the side of the property.

Laura said the scene traumatized her so badly that she blocked it out of her mind.

And then there’s the baby oil, similar to that found in the original haunted house.

Laura remembers it dripping down her bedroom wall, causing her posters to fall off.

The stench of sulfur that is likened to rotting eggs will also cover this place.

Laura said some of the council’s maintenance staff even refused to visit the site due to its reputation.

“My nephew used to talk to someone and call them ‘Big Guy,’” she continued.

“He would sit there in the corner of the room babbling.

“When asked who he was talking to, he would say Big Guy.

“He keeps doing it in the same spot and will point right into the corner.”

Laura also recalled a time when she heard an entity mimicking her brother.

She is at home with a friend waiting for her siblings to come home from work.

They were getting ready to watch a new episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show her brother didn’t want to miss.

She heard the door open, the keys on the hook, and footsteps into the kitchen.

When her brother still hadn’t been upstairs 20 minutes later, she thought he might have made the food.

But suddenly, her brother walked through the door.

Laura said: “When I got to the top of the stairs, I saw him.

“I asked him if he had just come back from an outing.

“He said he had literally just arrived home and his taxi was driving away.

“I ran downstairs and said someone was in the house. But no one was in the kitchen and the key was left at the door.

“We heard it; it’s really clear. We know what it sounds like. “

Laura finally moved out of the house when she was 16 years old.

And though she hasn’t experienced anything paranormal since, what happened on Wingates Grove continues to haunt her to this day.

Laura added: ‘I don’t watch any scary movies or anything involving ghosts.

“I have suffered from anxiety since everything about the street is in the doctor’s notes.

“The last five months we lived there, I slept in bed with my mom and dad because I was so scared.

“That’s when things got really bad.

“I kept seeing people standing at the door. I fell asleep, my face against the wall for fear of overturning.

“If I need to go to the bathroom during the night, I try to keep it.”

These days, there are no reports of ghostly activity on the streets.

Caron Walton, who now lives in Laura’s childhood home, says she has ‘no problem’ with the estate’s history – and really enjoys its quirky past.

She bought the house in 2006 and says she had to sign a disclaimer before moving to this address.

It stipulates that she is not allowed to use the Ouija board or perform any other kind of black magic at the address, she said.

She was also told that she was not allowed to move into the house if she had young children, she told MEN.

“I understand something is going on there,” she said.

“He used to jump from there to next door.

“I had to sign a disclaimer saying I wouldn’t use Ouija boards or do black magic or anything dark.

“They wanted me to sign a piece of paper. I quite like it.

“I have heard stories of an old man walking around on the jetty, but we are quite happy here.

“I think it’s quite novel; I quite like it. That was a selling point for me. ”

Caron has not experienced any supernatural activity since moving to this address.

“They want someone to move here who doesn’t have kids.

“I have no problem; I think it’s quite odd.

“A lot of council staff won’t come here. I haven’t felt anything since living here.

“I have pets, like dogs, and they have never been afraid.

“I am open to it; I am not an unbeliever. I will believe it when I see it”.

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