The time Ireland used the seat of the UN to force a vote on the Russian veto

The country that poses the greatest threat to world peace now has a veto power over the United Nations Security Council. As Ireland is currently an elected member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2021-2022 term, I suggest we win a lot of respect globally by using this position to force a vote. on Russia’s ‘veto power’, at least while Putin remains the leader.

aul Vallely

Ballycahill, Co Tipperary

Irish MEPs must now be convened before McCullagh

I sit here in rage as I watch Ukrainian citizens brew Molotov cocktails against machine guns and tanks, a children’s hospital that takes care of the sickest and youngest children in a dark, damp basement, and Security forces in Russia violently broke up the protests.

Like Neale Richmond, we have the right to ask why three Irish MEPs (Mick Wallace, Claire Daly and Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan) voted against a European Parliament resolution demanding that Russia withdraw its troops from the border. Ukraine.

Ireland and its people are completely behind the people of Ukraine and we need to know where these three stand now in the invasion. I look forward to the news that RTÉ invites them to take part in a quiz by David McCullagh.

Dr. Aidan Hampson

Artane, Dublin 5

The Cardinal’s support of Putin is reprehensible and cowardly

The political support for President Putin by Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church during the invasion of Ukraine is reprehensible. He was defeated by Putin’s illegal and unscrupulous attack on Ukraine and his call for humanitarian aid for Ukrainian civilian casualties was an attempt to cover up his cowardice. .

The Russian Orthodox Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Harold’s Cross, Dublin should fulfill its Christian duty and distance itself from the Patriarch’s support of the young Putin.

Brendan Butler

Malahide, Co Dublin

The Russian public must also be punished for supporting Putin

I have heard commentators insist that the war is not with the Russian people but with the Kremlin.

The fact that Putin can do what he is doing means that he has the support of the Russian people. If it’s the opposite, they’ve eliminated him in one way or another.

In that case, Russian citizens should be held accountable for what is going on and Russians traveling to countries around the world for holidays, business or emigration should be stopped and returned to their place of origin. . When they stop Putin, they will no longer be considered terrorists.

Governments warned us if Nato got involved, it would start World War III. But certainly by now this would have been inevitable had Putin not been stopped in Ukraine. It is clear that he has decided to go on the offensive and take full control of Europe at some point in the future. World War 3 is coming, it can also happen now before he sets up his army and weapons in pole position to invade Europe.

Anthony McGeough

Dublin 24

Complimenting the GAA family’s move to merge the three branches

Congratulations to the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) on a visionary activity at the GAA Congress that is “a priority to integrate with the Gaelic Women’s Football Association (LGFA) and the Camogie Association (CA) to jointly ensure equal investment, recognition and opportunity for all genders to play all sports in the Gaelic game family.” GAA, LGFA and CA can best serve Gaelic games in unity fullness and equality of the three bodies.

During my tenure as president of my local club, Austin Stacks, merging the three agencies was one of my key policy cornerstones. Austin Stacks has a large and successful Ladies Gaelic Soccer Club that is highly regarded and admired. We work as a single unit as much as possible but in reality are still two clubs belonging to different associations.

Two executive committees, two presidents, two registration fees are required. As a result, it is difficult to organize our activities, belongings and finances. As a united club, we will be more efficient, more efficient and more inclusive.

This year, commentators will highlight the historical divide in our country. This is also a year where GAA, LGFA and CA can unite as one. All of us – ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys is part of the same family of Gaelic games, with the common aim of promoting Gaelic games and Irish culture. There is the power of unity. We are all part of an association that will grow stronger under a single governing body, best facilities and common cohesion among all members.

Billy Ryle

Tralee, Co Kerry The time Ireland used the seat of the UN to force a vote on the Russian veto

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