The UN Human Rights Council must reject totalitarian leaders and their supporters

Given the voting record to expel Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, it should come as no surprise that countries voted against the resolution.

Most of these countries are firmly in the hands of Russia and China, which have invested in them.

The UN Assembly itself has lost its moral right and duty to hold others accountable by perpetuating the charade of allowing countries with human rights abusers and totalitarian dictatorships to sit on the Council.

The UN should change its name to Democratic Nations of the World because the world order as we know it no longer exists. There is a new world order and it is scary to think that we are about to enter a new era of political uncertainty. Are we on the brink of something worse?

We stand at a crossroads where true democracies must stand together and reject the autocratic dictatorships that would seek to negate hard-won freedoms.

It is time to stand together and reject the lies and evil of these dictators and those who slavishly follow them.

Christy Galligan, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

A well-informed Taoiseach would not be blind

Taoiseach Micheál Martin says that from the Trinity/HSE/Dr. Holohan Affair “Lessons must be learned”. I remember similar platitudes last September with the Zappone affair, when the Taoiseach was blind again.

I suggest that the lessons Mr. Martin needs to learn are simple. As a Taoiseach, he must be fully informed of all business that is being cooked.

At the beginning of the Holohan affair, Mr. Martin’s attitude was one of innocent wonder. Perhaps the good doctor, if fully informed from the start, would still be in the nation

The green. do you remember her The guarantors of good FF/FG governance could start to lift their heads from their bikes and windmills and focus on what their constituents wanted.

John Cuffe, Dunboyne, Meath

High-flying British royals should get more grounded

Critics argue that the British royal family must adapt quickly to survive in the 21st century. Andrew and Harry’s behavior did not help their cause.

In its defense, the royal family has consistently shifted over the centuries from an absolutist monarchy to a monarchy in which parliament is sovereign and the sovereign is the servant of the people.

They support hundreds of charities and causes, but today the royals also need to show the British public that they’re down to earth and not just figureheads.

Using normal, everyday services would be a good solution – an example would be using an easyJet or Ryanair flight for holiday versus a taxpayer funded private jet.

Flying Economy would show the British people that even in the air, the Royals have their feet on the ground.

Kieran O. Regan, Dublin 9

Antibody testing can help determine the need for a booster shot

The National Immunization Advisory Committee (NIAC) has recommended a fourth dose of Covid vaccine for those aged 65 and over and a second booster shot for those aged 12 and over who are immunocompromised.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the European Medicines Agency Task Force have concluded that it is too early to consider giving a fourth vaccine to the general population.

Currently, a significant number of elderly people are vaccinated and infected with the Covid-19 virus and, despite their age, are not seriously ill.

So wouldn’t it be better to test antibody levels against this virus first before giving another vaccine so soon after the three doses you’ve already given?

Susan Burke, Cahir, Co Tipperary

War tragedies must be at the forefront of our thinking

It seems to me that World War III has already begun. War is a terrible thing. In war there are no winners.

We can only expect death, dehumanization, demoralization, destruction, disease, stigma, severe physical and mental illness, violence, harassment, human trafficking, exploitation, loneliness and loss of privacy.

As your editorial team (Irish Independent, April 9) states that we should not become desensitized to human tragedy. It’s time to work hard to end this cycle of bloodshed.

dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob, London The UN Human Rights Council must reject totalitarian leaders and their supporters

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