The Unusual Way Christopher Nolan Motivated Batman From Alfred to Michael Caine

At this point, it’s hard to imagine a Christopher Nolan movie without Michael Caine. After all, the actor has appeared in eight of the eleven films of the auteur: all three entries in the trilogy “The Dark Knight”, as well as “The Prestige”, “Inception,” Interstellar, “” Tenet ” and even a brief cameo on “Dunkirk.” With that in mind, it’s surprising that Caine hasn’t been announced as part of Nolan’s latest directing effort, “Oppenheimer,” which hits theaters next year. July. That doesn’t mean the actor won’t be participating, but if he does, that information hasn’t been revealed yet.

So, why is Nolan working with Caine so much? Obviously, the actor is a legend, but it’s so much more. According to Caine, Nolan considers him a good luck charm, which makes sense, considering the director became a huge success after they worked together. For his part, Caine feels incredibly grateful that Nolan came to him when he did, saying that the director was responsible for “restarting my acting life.” Their partnership was cemented in the creation of another origin story, “Batman Begins,” and Caine hasn’t missed a single Nolan project since the 2005 film. So, friendship How did this beauty begin?

‘I’m probably the butler’

It turns out that Christopher Nolan convinced Caine to take on the role of Alfred Pennyworth by going to his house. In conversation with Aubrey Plaza for Interview magazine, the actor discussed the talk that led to their thriving partnership. The actor said he was at home one Sunday morning when the doorbell rang. After Caine answered the door, here’s what happened:

“There was a man standing there with a script in his hand. I thought, ‘This must be a director.’ I said, ‘What’s your name?’ He said, ‘That’s Christopher Nolan.’ I knew his name right away because he’d made three great movies, but they were all small. And I thought, ‘Oh, this is great. He’s going to ask me to be in one of the little movies. this and it’s going to be great.’ And then I said, ‘Come in,’ and I gave him a cup of tea, and I said, ‘Now, what’s the movie?’ And he said, ‘It’s okay. called Batman Begins.’ I thought to myself, ‘I’m too old to play Batman, so I’m probably the butler.”

Caine was right. As he added:

“So I said to him, ‘Am I a housekeeper?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’m the butler.’ So I said, ‘What do I say? Is dinner served? Would you like another glass of wine?’ And he said, “Michael, the butler is his adoptive father. His father died and the housekeeper raised him, so he was important and that was a very good part. Read the bloody script.”

Not only butlers

Of course, Nolan was right. Alfred is more than Bruce Wayne’s butler, playing a pivotal role in the Batman comics that have only expanded over the years. Like many comic book characters, his history has been revised quite a few times, but Alfred has long been a surrogate father not just for Bruce, but for all who have put on the shirt. Robin’s cape. He is an invaluable member of the Bat-Family and honestly, they would all be lost without him. In fact, DC Comics saw Alfred murdered by Bane a few years ago, and they certainly did. One of the most poignant moments of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s incredible “Nightwing” run is when Dick Grayson reads his letter from Alfred after the butler passes. If you can’t keep up with that book, go out now and fix that! As for Alfred, only time will tell, but we all know no one actually dies in the comics.

Caine must have realized how important the butler was to the Dark Knight’s journey after reading the script for “Batman Begins” and enjoyed the role enough to return for not one but two sequels. follow. While a number of brilliant performers have put their stamp on Alfred Pennyworth on both film and television – he even had his own prequel show – Caine was certainly the first actor that many of us come to mind when we think of this character, thanks to his wonderful nuanced performance. The Unusual Way Christopher Nolan Motivated Batman From Alfred to Michael Caine

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