The vet reveals the telltale signs your dog really loves you and how to spot them

dr Resident veterinarian James Greenwood on ITV’s The Pet Show reveals the top signs your dog really loves you and the best ways to show your affection for them

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dr ITV’s James Greenwood shares the many ways dogs show love

Have you ever wondered if your dog really loves you as much as you love him? It turns out there are some clear signs to look out for.

From tail wagging to jumping, licking, and cuddling, dogs express affection in many different ways—and it’s basically their way of saying “I love you.”

dr James Greenwood, resident veterinarian on ITV’s The Pet Show, spoke web box about the telltale signs pet owners can look out for and the favorite ways dogs use to reciprocate affection.

Now you will never again question whether your dog is truly devoted to you.

There are three main signs that your dog loves you


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What are the top signs your dog loves you?

“Dogs are all about the tail! They can express a whole range of emotions by wagging their tails,” said Dr. Greenwood.

“While it’s important to note that not all tail wags are a sign of happiness, there are two types that signal pure happiness in our dogs.

“First, the full body wagging that starts at the shoulders and moves back and forth to the tip of the tail is literally her happy dance!

“Second, helicopter tail wagging is usually reserved for those deemed particularly important.”

Interestingly, says Dr. Greenwood that dogs rarely enjoy being hugged or held.

But if they decide to come and snuggle up to you on their own terms, chances are they will see you as a trusted family member.

“Finally, that super excited greeting when you come back from leaving the house – the jumping and licking, sometimes barking or bringing you a toy – is a real signal that they’re happy to see you,” added Dr. Greenwood added.

Dogs don’t like hugs


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What is the best way to show your dog that you love him?

Most dogs enjoy nothing more than spending time with their owners, but there are many ways you can make the day extra special.

dr Greenwood explained, “A daily walk is essential; Dogs love to use their senses to smell and explore and need to burn calories when exercising.

“I would also suggest setting up an obstacle course or using puzzle feeders to encourage them to think and solve problems.”

“Food is also a great motivator for dogs and you can use this to your advantage in training by using treats as a reward for good behavior.

“Teaching our dogs how to be alone also pays off – gradual alone time, using long-lasting chews or toys to keep them occupied is key to their development.

“Independence is necessary so they don’t over-rely on their pet parents or develop attachment issues.”

Your dog should also enjoy his own company


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Is there anything you shouldn’t do when trying to bond with a pet?

While you might want to shower your pup with love every day, it can get in the way of his teaching and training.

“[You shouldn’t] Try to keep everything positive and avoid punishment techniques,” said Dr. Greenwood.

“If your pet doesn’t seem comfortable in a certain situation (they may back off, try to hide, or even show early signs of aggression) then it’s important that we address this and not force them into something that.” it is not pleasant to do.

“Instead, take small steps with positive reinforcement (like treats) to gradually introduce our pets to these new situations and give them time to realize that everything is okay.”

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