The Watergate Conspiracy and the Story of Martha Mitchell

The Watergate plot forced Richard Nixon to resign. A whistleblower’s story is now being revealed in the new TV series Gaslit starring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts plays Martha Mitchell in new drama about Nixon's Watergate scandal
Actress Julia Roberts plays Martha Mitchell in new drama about Nixon’s Watergate scandal

Julia Roberts stars in a new TV series about Martha Mitchell, the outspoken wife of attorney general Richard Nixon.

Martha has become hugely popular in the US and her story will now be told in an eight-part television series starring Roberts and co-starring Sean Penn, Dan Stevens and Betty Gilpin.

Gaslit will be available exclusively on StarzPlay, from Sunday, April 24.

Drama and mystery enveloped Nixon’s White House while scandal after scandal, known as Watergate, led to his eventual resignation.

He is the only president to ever resign and it is thought that Mitchell played a key role in bringing him down.

So what happened at Watergate and who is Martha Mitchell?

Who is Martha Mitchell?

Martha Mitchell is at the heart of Watergate, but her story is not widely known


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Martha Mitchell is a socialite and wife of former US attorney general John Mitchell and one of those who blew the whistle on fraudulent dealings during Richard Nixon’s presidency.

She learned about the hateful nature of Nixon’s presidency from eavesdropping on her husband’s phone calls and perusing his work.

John Mitchell approved a plan to break into Democratic headquarters while working for the Presidential Election Commission (CRP).

Dubbed the “Mouth of the South,” the Arkansas woman was eventually “kidnapped, drugged, and drugged” for telling the truth when the Watergate scandal broke.

Loyalists to the 37th president began to discredit her by exaggerating her drinking problem in an attempt to drive her insane.

The “Martha Mitchell effect” is still a term used to describe when a so-called person goes crazy over the things they say, even if they come true.

Martha – who once boldly refused to tactfully before the Queen, saying: “I feel that an American citizen should not bow to foreign monarchs” – was cut off from telling a journalist what she knew when former FBI agent Steve King snatched her phone. out of the wall.

She then accused King of kidnapping and had five stitches on her hand.

Later, when she was able to speak to journalist Helen Thomas, she said, “I’m black and blue. They don’t want me to talk.”

Responding to the kidnapping, husband John Mitchell encouraged his wife to stay away from the media and told Thomas: “Baby, I love her so much. She’s a bit upset about politics, but she is. love me and I. love her and that’s what’s important.”

She was famous before the Watergate scandal broke and was a common part of Republican conventions.

Her husband, who had been behind bars for 19 months for his part in the Watergate cover-up, left with Martha in 1973 and the two are said to have never spoken to each other again. Martha died in 1976 of bone marrow cancer.

Richard Nixon later said, “Without Martha, there would be no Watergate.”

What is the Watergate scandal?

The Watergate scandal brought down Nixon’s presidency

Watergate was a major political scandal in the US involving US President Richard Nixon and lasted from 1972 to 1974.

Concluding with Nixon’s resignation, it involved his administration’s attempt to break into the Democratic National Committee building in Washington DC. The building became known as the Watergate Hotel.

Cash from five men was found to have broken into a website linked to Nixon’s re-election campaign, and witnesses later testified that Nixon personally approved the cover-up of the hack.

Watergate has become the term used for the administration’s attempt to check officials, covertly, and order investigations of political groups and people.

It comes after the Pentagon Report, released by whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, revealed that various presidential administrations had deliberately lied to the public and expanded their war efforts in Vietnam. to counter US military advice.

The Nixon administration created a secret team to prevent leaks of sensitive information, wiretapping phones, and carrying out information thefts in an attempt to blind the president’s opponents.

It was eventually revealed that there were tapes of the president. Despite efforts to prevent their identities from being revealed, they were made public and revealed that Nixon was involved in the cover-up.

Who is Deep Throat?

Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein, who didn’t reveal Felt as the source until the former FBI agent told the chairman publicly



Felt believes he is on a mission to leak information about the FBI investigation


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Much of the revelation about the Watergate scandal was confirmed by a source named ‘Deep Throat’, revealed in 2005 to be former FBI deputy director William Mark Felt.

The leak was given to Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.

The second-in-command at the FBI and Woodward spoke 17 times between June 1972 and November 1973, sometimes meeting in an underground parking lot.

Bernstein later said, “We didn’t think his role would reach such mythical dimensions. You see there Felt/Deep Throat confirmed much of the information we had received from the actors. Other souces.”

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