The wildest Eurovision entries to appear on TV – Latvian Pirates to Russian Old Ladies

Eurovision has brought many quirky performances to our TV since its first show in 1956, from a silver star pulling queen to a seesaw demon.

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Since the first competition in 1956, Eurovision has been the gathering place for some of the wildest and most gruesome action to appear on our TV.

Nearly every country participating in today’s competition is expected to put on a show that’s accompanied by striking costumes, elaborate choreography, and insane characters.

Because of this, Eurovision has produced some truly memorable and downright weird moments.

So, let’s go back to memory and explore some of the wildest entries ever seen in Eurovision throughout its decades-long history.

Pirates – “Wolves of the Sea” (Latvia, 2008)

Pirates of the Sea ranked 12th in 2008


REUTERS / Marko Djurica)

In 2008, Latvia saw fit to offer viewers an act entirely dedicated to pirates with the song “Wolves of the Sea”.

Pirates of the Sea offers the perfect mix of pop and Sinbad music that’s still fresh in our minds for almost 15 years.

Unfortunately, Pirates of the Sea didn’t come close to winning, eventually placing Latvia in 12th place in that year’s competition.

Who See – “Igranka” (Montenegro 2013)

Who See had a rare rap performance at Eurovision


Risto Bozovic)

While the majority of Eurovision contestants performed to pop music, Montenegro’s entry, Who See, attempted to break the mold with rap music.

Wearing astronaut suits and flashing lights, the duo performed “Igranka” – a song that combines elements of rap and dubstep.

Despite the serious attitude of the performers and their dedication to their act, Montenegro only ranked 12th that year.

Verka Serduchka – “Dancing Lasha Tambai” (Ukraine, 2007)

Verka Serduchka is one of Eurovision’s most iconic performances



In 2007, Ukraine stunned the audience with the drag queen dressed in silver – Verka Seruchka.

Despite performing over a decade ago, he remains one of Eurovision’s wildest performers with a song that will stay in your head all day as soon as you hear it.

It seems the 2007 audience agreed when Verka left the competition for second place on behalf of Ukraine.

Scooch – “Flying Flags (For You)” (UK, 2007)

Scooch was only 22nd in 2007



British pop group Schooch decided to use the Eurovision stage to sing about the magic of flying, complete with that familiar English awkwardness.

Their song even caused some controversy due to the song’s allusion to drug use in Amsterdam (although Union Jack was frequently televised behind their backs during performances).

While Schooch’s performance was memorable in its own right, it didn’t seem to win any favor with voters as they walked away at 22nd out of 24.

Do you think the UK will win the next Eurovision? Let us know in the comments section below!

Lordi – “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (Finland, 2006)

Lordi performed a controversial show at Eurovision


Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Lordi’s rock performance at Eurovision was perhaps one of the defining moments of the competition.

The band shocked the audience at the time because of their shocking looks and tough looks that accompanied the Christan lyrics paired together.

Despite their controversies, Lordi topped that year – being the only Finn to do so – and even set a Guinness World Record for karaoke a few months later.

Buranovskiye Babushki – “Party for Everyone” (Russia 2012)

Buranovskiye Babushki warms people’s hearts in 2012



Another act many of us certainly remember is the Buranovskiye Babuski – Grannies from Buranovo – who brought the stereotype of Russian babushka to the rest of Europe.

In a way, the admiration for Buranovsite Babushki is more than just their rewarding performance – the fact that they bake cookies while singing in their mother tongue warms everyone’s heart.

The film even used its brief stint in popularity to raise funds for the rebuilding of the church in its hometown, which seems to have resonated with a lot of viewers since they finished second that year.

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