These lightweight travel pants are on sale at Nordstrom


Given that the vast online shopping landscape can overwhelm even the most discerning consumer, many of us can identify with the following habit: finding ourselves missing that holy grail makeup product or that comfy dress Buying in bulk and having each color or a sufficient stock in stock will last you for many years to come.

Whenever we come across rumors online that suggest buyers have spotted such an item, we have an obligation to investigate – and that’s exactly what happened when we came across these chic, lightweight linen pants currently on sale up to 40% discount as part of Nordstrom’s mid-year sale.

The linen blend trousers come in three colorways and two of the coolest (in our humble opinion) are on offer: classic black and olive. The pants have a smocked elastic waistband and a flowy, roomy leg with a 28-inch inseam, which one reviewer (who gave the name) said. FranktheCat and stated their height as 1.70 m. “Sufficiently above the ankle for a short fit.” Other reviewers noted that the lower the height, the longer they hang.

Reviewers also found the airy linen-viscose fabric to be breathable and lightweight, and several admitted to owning up to three pairs of pants. Even better, some of them – particularly those who self-identified as “curvy” or “pear-shaped” – claimed the pants performed well when traveling and provided a stylish building block for the balance between comfort and chic that we all are what we want to achieve when we are on vacation.

As if that weren’t enough of a selling point, the already affordable price of almost $60 has been almost halved to $35.40.

Check out what some are happiest about north current reviewers had to say, or keep scrolling to rate these pants before they sell out.

“If you’re pear shaped, these are your palazzo pants. And they look cool. I usually wear a size 8-10 (ML) below, but I wear a small size on the top, and I often have to tighten the waist of pants and shorts to buy a size that fits my butt. But not these – they are perfect! I bought a size M and it’s not too big in the waist and has plenty of room for my hips/butt/thighs. Very comfortable and the fabric is a nice weight. You can spend relaxed summer nights and cooler summer days here.” — KristynMak

“I bought these in three colors (black, rust, and ivory) because they go so well with almost anything and because they’re stretchy so they can handle all the weight I’ve been putting on lately. They get wrinkles very quickly, which is annoying but not the end of the world. I’m 1.70m and 70kg and I wear sizes M and L, which seem to fit pretty much the same.” — Something glorious

“I got two pairs for a trip to Spain. Comfortable, stylish, easy to wash and hang dry when traveling, breathable in high humidity. Current silhouette. I’m 1.75 meters tall and curvy. I wear them to my natural waist and they reach up to my shoes but don’t touch the floor.” — Kimchee Girll

“Super happy with it. Fits well over all my pear shaped treats and the pockets didn’t pull like they sometimes do. A little puff in the stomach area, but fair amount for this style of pant. Nice fabric, great waistband that flatters me. I have a 31″ waist and ordered a size L. I’m 5’7 and will wear these with flats.” — SeasonlessLA

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