Thief steals former North Dakota governor’s SUV during a morning radio show appearance


FARGO, ND (AP) — Former North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer learned a lesson about his car keys after his vehicle was stolen while hosting a Fargo radio show.

Schafer was a guest host on KFGO’s “News and Views” show Friday morning when police called the station and asked if he owned a 2020 GMC Yukon. reported the broadcaster.

It turned out that the SUV had been stolen from the train station parking lot. The thief apparently drove the car to a probation office and handed it over to the authorities, Schäfer said.

The vehicle has a push button start feature and requires a key fob to be in the vehicle before it can be operated. But Schafer had left a spare key fob inside so the thief could start the car and drive off.

The former governor and US Secretary of Agriculture says he has been warned to be more cautious.

“My wife has been saying, ‘Why don’t you lock your car for 31 years?'” Schafer said.

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