This Is Going To Hurt’s Most Embarrassing Wound From ‘Punching’ to Losing His Engagement Ring

This is Going to Hurt’s Adam Kay, who is played by Ben Whishaw in the BBC comedy, helps patients who have had some very strange incidents while working as a junior doctor.

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This Is Going To Hurt: Ben Whishaw stars in BBC trailer

Doctors see some pretty strange things while working at A&E – with some patients coming in with embarrassing injuries.

One of the people who has spoken very openly about the awkwardness he has witnessed is Adam Kay, the former junior doctor of This Is Going To Hurt.

The BBC comedy series follows Adam, played by James Bond actor Q Ben Whishaw, as he works 97-hour-a-week shifts and sleeps in his car.

It’s not fiction as the show is based on an adaptation of Adam’s real-life NHS memoir of the same name, which became an award-winning bestseller and has been translated into 20 languages.

Revealing the highs and lows of work on the NHS frontline, it illuminates the gruesome hours and life-saving decisions doctors have to make when sleep-deprived.

During his six years of training and another six on the ward, Adam witnessed a number of puzzling and embarrassing incidents, some of which we review here.

Lamppost ‘de-bubble’

Adam, played by Ben Wishaw on the show, has had a lot of awkward encounters


Sister / Anika Molnar)

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If there’s ever been an ad not to climb up or down a lamp post, this is it.

On February 7, 2005, Adam dealt with his first exfoliative wound, which is where the traumatized skin tears the underlying tissues.

His 18-year-old patient was celebrating with friends then decided to get drunk on the roof to wait for the bus.

After jumping on the roof, the young man tried to lower to the ground using a nearby lamp post as a fire pole, but something terrible happened.

“Unfortunately, he misjudged the texture of the lamp post – it wasn’t the smooth ride he was expecting, but a painful, violent crack to the bottom,” explains Adam.

“Therefore, he presented to A&E with severe graze on both palms and complete dislodgement of the penis.

“Perhaps it’s not surprising that WM felt uncomfortable. His distress only worsened when he asked if the penis could be ‘regained’.

Mr Binns, the consultant, calmly explained that the ‘glove’ had been spread over eight feet of a lamp post in West London.

Lost engagement ring

There is a very hot topic of patients getting items stuck in places they should never get close to.

During Adam’s first leap year as a doctor on February 29, 2008, he thanked the British public for “getting it out of my pocket” with a very specific injury.

Seeing only four years, one woman wanted to propose to her boyfriend in a unique way.

Adam writes: “Patient JB decided to capitalize on tradition and propose to her boyfriend – going to the cost of buying an engagement ring, the hassle of putting it inside a Kinder Surprise egg and the fantasy of giving it it into the vagina.

“He’ll discover it, get it back, and then she’ll get on her knees.

However, the special surprise didn’t go to plan as the boyfriend couldn’t get the ring back – but his girlfriend wouldn’t tell him why she needed to go to the hospital.

“Remarkably, she was keen to maintain her surprise by not telling him what she had done or why, but ultimately decided this was a matter of the hospital, so we met. in the third room,” Adam explained.

“It was a very easy delivery with a pair of sponge holders. She hadn’t told me what was in the egg at this point either, so it was a confusing moment for both you and me. boy when she asked him to open it.

“I gave him a pair of latex gloves, blowing away the last trace of romance in the script.

“She brought up the question and he said yes; perhaps out of shock or fear of what a woman who did that to Kinder Surprise would do to him if he was snubbed.”

Christmas surprise

Adam had a lot of ‘gifts’ at Christmas


nimax cinema)

In the same diary, Adam also detailed several other foreign bodies that he was forced to remove from the patient.

“Special occasions tend to call for patients to insert particular types of foreign bodies into their bodies,” he writes.

Christmas especially is the time of year when people decide to experiment – with one person deciding to put their fairy somewhere that shouldn’t be at the top of the Christmas tree.

When Adam asked patients if they wanted the ornament back, they replied, “Yeah, give it a little wash and she’ll be great.”

Another person suffered minor vaginal burns after inserting a string of lights and turning them on.

The doctor jokes it gives a new meaning to the phrase: “I lighted the Christmas lights myself”.

Recycled condoms

BBC series based on the bestselling book by Adam


Public image)

Adam worked as a junior doctor


Collect Unknown)

Adam once agreed with a patient about the termination of an unplanned pregnancy.

They began to discuss alternative methods of contraception and how to use condoms properly.

The 20-year-old student explained that they had used condoms with no success – and it was immediately clear why.

“I identified an error in her technique,” Adam explained in his diary on August 20, 2009.

“I would love to recycle as much as the next man, but if you turn a used condom inside out and put it back on for the second half, it probably won’t work.”

Bottle of wine

While trying to calculate a pensioner’s drinking level, Adam realized that she must have been drinking a lot of liquids.

He asserts that the 70-year-old woman’s “poison” of choice is wine and that it’s not just a few drinks in an evening.

Writing on July 5, 2005, Adam details the exact conversation he had with the woman about her drinking habits.

He asked, “And how much alcohol are you going to drink each day?”

The patient revealed she would have about three bottles of thang co “on a nice day”.

When Adam asks the amount of a “bad day,” she cheerfully replies, “On a bad day, I only manage one.”

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